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Swimming pool maintenance can be difficult especially for the untrained or new pool owner, even if you search and guide your way through the endless information available, or have experience from owning a swimming pool previously. Here we will share some of our experience to break down some of the maintenance issues that you may encounter or guide you to the correct information or expert advice that you may require through our publications and blogs. How to keep your pool looking great and maintain it to a safe and healthy standard.

As pool maintenance Perth professionals 1 Pool Care provide honest, reliable, pool services in Perth, Western Australia and have been the go-to technician for many years. Qualified, licenced and experienced technicians who can service your residential, hotel, lifestyle villages or a larger commercial pool. They are all important to us and our goal is to provide exceptional service for you and your pool.

We primarily specialise in mobile pool maintenance and service but we also have the latest products on offer online. View our extensive range of pool supplies today.

Save time & call us! Our fully equipped pool technicians will take care of your regular pool maintenance needs so you can get you back to swimming and enjoying your pool.

Service Your Pool Equipment

When the equipment is outside and out of sight then it can become the last thought until something doesn’t look or sound right. Our experts can get you back on track and sometimes repair the pools equipment at a fraction of the cost, because when we complete a full pool service we also inspect all the pool equipment and notify you of any potential future problems that may occur, so we can fix them up before it all turns into a green disaster.

Even if it’s all had the bomb or it’s just not worth repairing then we only use the best brands suitable for your pool, and our friendly experts will have you back up and running in a splash. Taking the time to listen to your needs and implementing the best possible outcomes for your budget, future maintenance and the pool’s requirements and safety. So you can get back to swimming without the hassle of searching around Perth for the right advice.

So if your pool pump bearings are sounding like a low flying aircraft or your filter is leaking faster than Niagara falls then maybe it’s time to call for the experts before the damage is done and costing you a small fortune to fix it all up. Sometimes the little problems can turn into a greater problem down the track, which of course you want to avoid.

Wide range of products

1 Pool Care are the experts and professionals in the pools & spas business and we have an affiliation with all the top pool & spa brands. So whether it’s chlorinators, filters, pool pumps or complete pool system overhauls you require, then we are the pool business for you. With honest open advice, you will not only enjoy the experience but your pocket will too. With the added knowledge that the pool & spa will be in top condition too.

Trust Us With All Your Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance Needs

Sometimes life gets in the way and you just don’t have the time to maintain your swimming pool or spa as much as you would like to, or should be doing. At 1 Pool Care, we know that swimming pools can sometimes be tricky for homeowners to handle. So whether you have no time for regular pool maintenance or it’s all gone wrong, we can provide you with complete pool & spa services here in Perth.

– Our experienced mobile technicians can arrange either a spa or pool service and get you back on track in a splash.

Our Pool Services

“The problem we see all too often is that a lot of people believe that a pool will look after itself or they think because the water appears clear, then it is safe to swim in, and that simply is not true! So, mission is to ensure that your pool has the precise, healthy water for your family to swim safely!”

We Come To You for all your
Swimming Pool Maintenance Needs

With a fully stocked vehicle of spare parts and chemicals, we can often sort out any problems during one of our mobile services. If that is not the case our team can order the necessary replacements to get you back up and running as soon as we can. This not only saves you your time but all the effort into searching for the correct parts or chemicals and all the associated dangers of handling the pool chemicals.

Our Pool services are tailored to suit your pool and budget but if you are willing to spend time yourself servicing the pool, rather than in it, then a simple water test and balance maybe all that you require. Most pool owners choose the sensible approach and opt for our regular service to take away all the worry and hard work.

Swimming Pool Problems?

Enquire Now about a professional pool service

Is your equipment just not keeping up or is your pool green, black or pink? The team have experienced most situations and will have a solution for you to remove the pool of all the dangerous bacteria and have your water sparkling in no time.

Our mobile technicians will assess everything that is required to help you get back in order.

We are just a phone call away, so make the call today.

Why Choose 1 Pool Care as your Pool Maintenance company

We are a fully equipped, locally owned and operated family mobile pool & spa service business, with WA Certified Pool Operator qualifications, licences and many years of experience, who are working together to give you year round, honest and reliable pool servicing and maintenance.

  • Our mission is to ensure that your pool has the precise, healthy water, for your family to swim in
  • We offer pool services, reputable brands, equipment sales, accessories and installation around the Northern Perth Metro area.
  • Other services include pool cleaning, handovers, pool inspection reports, signage and leak detection services

A Beginner's Guide to Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance essentials. Know how your pool works, the best ways to care for it and how to plan for it. Be prepared to solve any potential pool problems that floats your way. Learn how to maintain your swimming pool in the right order to make it safe for future generations of people.

There are 4 main processes to keep a Perth pool in top shape. These are circulation, filtration, sanitisation and water balance and each of these processes are important to the pool and the equipment but most importantly to your health and back pocket. If any of these processes are not maintained or out of balance then you will have problems, which will either damage the pool surface or lead to early failure of the equipment later on. You also may get very ill from poorly sanitised or filtered pool water.

Let's look at the four processes here:
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