​​The 5 Most Cost-Effective Pool Heating Options

​​The 5 Most Cost-Effective Pool Heating Options

Having a pool to dip in is one of the greatest luxuries there is. Many property owners in Perth, WA, wish they could be in their pool year-round. With pool heating, you can enjoy a swim any time, so let’s learn about the 5 most cost-effective pool heating options that are available. 

 If you ever wondered, “how cost-effective are pool heaters?” We are here to help break it down for you. The team at 1 Pool Care is happy to talk to you about the different options for cheap and energy-efficient ways to heat a pool, plus we are the pool heating Perth experts and can install all your pool heating needs in a flash.

 These are five methods that our expert technicians agree are the most efficient ways to heat a pool.

Solar — The Most Efficient Way to Heat a Pool

Solar heating a pool

One of the ways we recommend when customers ask how to heat a pool without a heater is by using the sun! The sun’s warm rays are free to capture, so use them to your advantage. There are solar heating systems on the market that take the sun’s energy and convert it into a way to warm up the water in your pool.

 A fairly inexpensive investment, solar heaters usually end up paying for themselves in just a few years due to the savings you receive from lower electric heating costs.

 One of Perth’s most popular sun pool heaters, a sun ring, uses layers of ultraviolet-resistant vinyl to capture the sunlight and convert it into heat. The warmth is transferred to the pool water.

Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Electric Heat Pumps installation in PerthYou can also use a heat pump to warm up the water temperature in your pool. These devices work similarly to HVAC heat pumps: by circulating water and heating it using warm air from the atmosphere. Cost-efficient to run, heat pumps are a great option for those needing a cheap pool heater.

 Using a heat pump requires some planning. Set your heat pump system to operate during the warmest and sunniest parts of the day, usually around midday or the early afternoon. By doing this, the device captures the warmest air while using the least amount of energy.

 When you are shopping for a heat pump pool heater, pay attention to the specifications of each model. A heat pump is not a purchase to skimp on and buy the cheapest option. Look for models with a COP (Co-efficiency of Performance) rating between five and six. The higher the rating, the more efficient your pool heat pump, which translates to energy savings!

Pool Blankets — Affordable Pool Heating Options

pool blanketPool blankets do not directly heat your pool by increasing the temperature of the water. Instead, they maintain existing heat to keep the pool warmer for longer. Pool blankets cover the pool and keep the heat from evaporating either due to wind, outside temperature drops, or lack of sunlight.

There are a few different options for blankets and how cost-effective they are as pool heaters. You can choose between physical blankets made of fabric and liquid pool blankets that you pour into the water.

 Solid pool blankets, typically made of UV-resistant polyethene or thick plastic, are rolled out on top of the water when the pool is not in use. This keeps the warm water in during the night or inclement weather. As a bonus, solid pool blankets serve as a great safety mechanism that keeps small children and pets from falling in and drowning.

 Liquid pool blankets are a solution that you pour into the pool. This chemical alcohol mixture, which is perfectly safe to swim in, sits on top of the pool water and retains heat by not allowing the warmth to evaporate. You will need to pour in additional liquid pool blanket solutions from time to time to get the best results.

Cheap Ways to Heat a Pool: Colour Choice

pool coloursMany people do not consider colour when thinking about how to heat their pools. But because colours absorb heat from the sun at varying rates, you can use science to your advantage!

 If you are building a new pool or redesigning your existing pool, you can incorporate a dark colour scheme into the pool as a way to keep the water warmer. Much like how clothing or vehicles of a deeper colour get much hotter, so do pool materials. Darker coloured tiles, stones, and more can actually help your pool water stay warmer.

Block Wind to Make Pool Water Warmer

According to studies, evaporation accounts for about 75% of heat loss in pools. When the wind makes waves in the water, the pool’s surface area increases. This causes more heat to escape and lowers your pool’s overall temperature. One easy and cheap way to heat a pool is to protect it from the wind.

You can do this in several ways. Build your pool near a wall or some shrubbery so that it has something to block it from wind patterns. If you already have a pool at your home in Perth, plant some greenery or put in faux plants to block the wind.

Learn More About the Most Cost-Effective Pool Heating Techniques

learn more about poolsHow cost-effective are pool heaters? It depends on how warm you keep your pool and how many other cost-saving methods you use to reduce energy bills. From solar heat pumps to painting the bottom of the pool a dark colour, 1 Pool Care has many suggestions to reduce pool heating costs.

 1 Pool Care is dedicated to making sure our customers can enjoy their pools and get the most out of them. Using a pool heater is a great way to extend the amount of time you can spend splashing and swimming.

 Our staff is here to assist you with figuring out which avenue is best for you. We have more than 30 years in business, offering affordable pool heating to our customers, so you can trust in our expertise. If you are interested in affordable and effective ways to warm your pool water in Perth, WA, call us on 0456 75 75 75 for more information.


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