Commercial Swimming
Pool Service

At 1 Pool Care, we are experts in facilitating your commercial swimming pool service and cleaning needs. This is because we understand that commercial pools require more thought and planning than a residential pool does because they operate to the Code of Practice and Australian Standards for aquatic facilities.

The standard has been prepared to ensure that public health and safety is maintained to a high standard and reduces the possibility of pool customers being injured or becoming unwell.

A maintenance schedule will need to be implemented along with a technical operator. Technicians with the suitable qualifications will be required to ensure that this is carried out on a daily or weekly basis.

The facilities maintenance schedule will be dependent on the classification of the aquatic facility and this will be determined by the code of practice and the department of health.

1 Pool Care can help you meet the standard and have the experience to keep your pool and guests safe.

Commercial pool maintenance in Perth

Hotels in Perth require maintenance not only to keep the guests safe but it will also save your maintenance budget long term. You can expect to save big dollars by implementing a cleaning procedure that will not only give your hotel a great review but save on unnecessary chemical addition and premature equipment failure.

The excessive use of pool chlorine needed to sanitise the pool can be a sign of a poor maintenance plan.

Our Commercial Pool Services Includes

Initial Surface Skim

Vacuum the pool, empty
baskets & pool sweep bag

Brush down the pool surface

Empty pump basket

Backwash filter (scheduled)

General equipment checks
for optimal operation

Check for leaks

General clean of
equipment area

Complete water testing

Check chemical balance

Final pool check over &
surface skim

Why is pool maintenance important in hotels?

Hotel pools can have a large bather load with lots of people all at once creating hygiene problems for the pool.

Hotel swimming pools may need additional maintenance and servicing to keep the pool equipment specifications accurate and inline with manufacturers instructions, Codes and Australian Standards.

Safety is essential and the pool technicians, operator and owner need to work together to meet the high expectations of the hotel guest and department of health.

general maintenance tips

Spend time on creating a safe and time managed maintenance schedule.
Keep the water level up, low water creates big problems. It will not only damage your equipment but make the pool cloudy and unsanitary
Clean out skimmer and pump baskets daily. Restrictions in the flow of water will possibly damage the pool pump.
Test the water in accordance with your classification and do not deviate from this. Record all the readings, it is important that those chlorine levels are maintained.

FAQ about hotel swimming pool maintenance

Where can I find information regarding the operation of the pool?

Can the hotel maintenance technician maintain the pool?

It is dependent on the classification of the facility and the qualifications held by the technician.

The pool looks cloudy, can the pool still be used?

A sign of cloudy water is an indication of poor pool water balance or filtration

Does water temperature affect the water balance or chemicals?

Heating impacts the water balance and chemical usage and adjustments may need to be made to conform to the Code of Practice.

Does your hotel have a flawless
pool maintenance plan?

Are you receiving complaints from holiday makers that eyes are burning and the pool feels or smells unsanitary. The water is cloudy and equipment is noisy or not working.

There maybe a maintenance issue that has been overlooked or not actioned and it maybe time to review that maintenance plan.

Have a commercial pool cleaning enquiry?

1 Pool Care have the qualifications, licenses, and experience to maintain your pool in accordance with the Codes and standards.

Our pool cleaners and technicians listen and deal with your needs and requirements for the pool and implement the right maintenance schedule for your location. Call 1 Pool Care – Pools and Spas Need Us

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