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Frequently asked questions in the Pool cleaning and care industry

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This is dependent on the size of the pool and filtration system but for a residential pool it would be for 8-12 hours in Summer or until the filtration system has completed at least 2 turnovers of the pool water. In winter this would be a lot less due to cooler weather and less use.

It is recommended that basic testing is completed at least once a week / pH / Chlorine / Total Chlorine
The correct level for operation is between 1/2 – 3/4 way from the bottom to the top of the skimmer box. Any lower and the pool pump will not be able to prime and will lose suction. Circulation through the filtration system will stop.
The salt range should be maintained between 3000- 6000ppm depending on the type of chlorinator and system you have installed. This should never be a guess and needs to be part of the overall pool water test procedure. It should never be a guess, although some chlorinators do have a low saltwater warning on them. This is a basic test and should not be relied upon as a specific measurement for saltwater pools. For more information on this please read our guide on How to Add Salt to Your Pool.
Pool covers are for limiting water evaporation and to assist in heating the pool water. They can cause problems as the pool water needs to ‘vent off ‘ any chloramines that are within the pool water. The ideal use for a pool cover is to place the pool cover on during the heat of the day and then remove at night, once the air has cooled. As a rule the pool cover needs to be removed fully for a day or two at least once a week.
If you are still using the pool in winter and have a heater, then of course. Use as you would all year. If you are not using the pool and have reduced the filtration cycle, then the pool cover should be washed down with fresh water and stowed away for winter. Don’t forget to place the UV cover over the pool cover, if it is exposed to sunlight during the winter months. The rain in winter will keep the pool topped up and evaporation is reduced to a minimum.
If you are conducting testing and completing basic maintenance procedures, cleaning out the skimmer and pump baskets, cartridges or backwashing. Then we would recommend a monthly service plan to ensure everything is on track with the water balance and equipment. Equipment can rapidly deteriorate if the water balance is not correct or if the pool is overdosed with chemicals. Out of balance pool water will quickly destroy mechanical seals, O’ rings, gaskets and cables.
If your pool is being maintained weekly, then the work you will need to do is minimal, if anything at all. Longer than this, then yes you will need to get poolside and clean out skimmer baskets and filters. A simple water test will also help to keep the water balance in check.
A good quality pool cover will help heat the pool in summer but into the cooler months then some form of heat will be needed. Solar heating is the cheapest to run and utilises the energy from the sun to heat the pool water, it will extend the swimming season by around 2-3 months. During the winter months, the pool water will need some heat and the size of the heater will be dependent on your environment, your expectations and the size of the pool. Heaters can be gas or an electric heat pump, with various models on the market. Do your research and gather as much information before you purchase.
Always look for qualifications when engaging a technician or contractor to service or maintain your pool or spa. Government and mandatory licenses are always best as some memberships can be a process of fee-paying and no qualifications are needed. Certified pool operators may have other qualifications like electrical, gas or plumbing and have experience where this is required.
So, if there is a problem with your heater, pump or controls then the need to engage other technicians or contractors is eliminated.
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