How to Change a Pool Light

How to Change a Pool Light

Do you want to learn how to change a pool light? Well…

Many inground swimming pools have special lighting to allow for safe nighttime swimming and to create a cozy ambience around the area. Though most modern light bulbs can last for several months or years, a bulb blowout can still occur and affect the pool’s lighting design. 

Knowing how to change a pool light will prove beneficial when a bulb goes bad. Due to the nature of the lights and their location, it’s possible to swap bulbs without reducing the swimming pool’s water level, making it easier and more convenient to maintain the lighting fixtures. 

Though it is relatively simple to change a pool light, it is vital to understand how to replace a pool light safely. Below, we outline the basic steps for replacing pool lights properly. If you prefer professional assistance, contact the skilled technicians from 1 Pool Care today for pool light repair in Perth, W.A.

How to Find a Replacement Pool Light Bulb

Pool Light Bulb

Before you can learn how to change a pool light, you should know how to find the correct replacement bulb. Replacing a light in a swimming pool is not the same as swapping out a light in a standard household lamp. You have to ensure that the replacement bulb and lens gasket are suitable for the pool light fixture. 

When looking for a replacement bulb, it helps to find one identical or nearly identical to the old one. Pay close attention to the bulb’s wattage and voltage to ensure that the new bulb is compatible with the fixture’s needs. You can use the pool user manual to determine the type of bulb the water feature requires, including its size, brand, and serial number.

If you want to upgrade the type of lights in your swimming pool instead of replacing a single bulb, you have options. LED swimming pool lights are about 75% more energy-efficient than halogen lights, and they produce stunningly bright light shows for inground pools. You can also incorporate colour-changing lights to make everything more festive, as long as the bulbs match the required specs. 

How to Change a Pool Light Safely

Ideally, you would have your pool user manual on hand to read all the essential manufacturer instructions and requirements. However, the guide below will provide step-by-step instructions to show you how to remove and replace a pool light. 

Before you begin the project, be sure to have the following tools:

  • Replacement light bulb
  • Replacement lens gasket
  • Philips or flathead screwdrivers
  • Voltage tester (multimeter)
  • Dry towels


Removing the Old Bulb From the Pool Light Fixture

1. Shut Off the Pool’s Power

Before you can begin any project with a pool light, such as repairs or bulb replacements, you must turn off all power to the pool. Light fixtures in and around pools have a protective covering to stop moisture from reaching wires and other electrical components to prevent the risk of electrocution. Replacing bulbs exposes electrical wiring, so shutting off power is vital for safety. 

To turn off electricity to the pool, you might need to visit your home’s circuit breaker box. If it has a “pool” switch, ensure that it is in the “off” position. If the main electrical box doesn’t have a pool switch, you might find it around the pool equipment. 

Always double-check the lights to ensure no power runs into the pool area before replacing a bulb. 

2. Remove the Fixture’s Top Screw

Most pool light fixtures have a single screw holding them to pool walls. The screw-lock will likely be at the top of the light fixture and contain a flathead or Philips screw.

Extend your arm into the water above the pool light if it’s near the top of the waterline. If the fixture is deeper than you can reach from the pool surround comfortably, you might have to enter the water completely. Once you get to the defective light fixture, use a screwdriver with the appropriate head to detach the screw-lock. 

3. Remove the Light Fixture

Secure the screw in a safe place on the pool surround and use a flathead screwdriver to pry the pool light fixture out of its box on the pool wall. There may be a tab on its bottom to make its removal easier.

The fixture will have wiring to feed electricity to the light. There should be a wiring surplus to allow you to pull the fixture out of the pool without disconnecting anything. Lay a towel on the pool surround and gently place the light fixture on it to avoid scratching the lens. 

4. Test the Wires for Electricity

It would be best to test the wiring for added safety to ensure that no electricity flows through the wires. Use the multimeter to test the wires for voltage before touching them with your hands to avoid a shock or electrocution. 

If the multimeter registers anything, power is still running to the pool somewhere. Double-check the breakers and electrical switches before proceeding. 

5. Deconstruct the Pool Fixture

If the voltage meter has a flatline, it’s time to take the light fixture apart. Begin by removing all screws and clamps that attach the lens to the hardware and put them aside. Pull off the face ring, lens, and lens gasket to reach the light bulb. 

6. Take Out the Old Bulb

Use a dry towel to grasp the light bulb gently and slowly turn it clockwise to release it from the fixture. Once you remove it, dry the inside of the fixture entirely with the towel.

LED pool light

Installing the Inground Pool Light Replacement

1. Insert a New Bulb

If you don’t have a replacement bulb because you are unsure about the required specs, get the information off the old one. If you already have the new bulb, you can begin the insertion.

For halogen replacement light bulbs, be sure not to touch the bulb directly because they are fragile enough to sustain damage from the natural oils on your fingers. Grip the light with a towel and screw it into the fixture. Don’t tighten the lightbulb too much because you could accidentally break the glass. 

LED pool lights are not as fragile as the halogen varieties. You can insert them into the fixture with your hands. However, you should still avoid screwing it in too tightly. 

2. Test the Light

Before replacing the pool light fixture, it’s is best to test the light to make sure it works. Enlist the help of a partner to watch the replacement while you turn the pool’s power back on for a maximum of two seconds. If the bulb works, you can move on to the next step. 

3. Reassemble and Reinsert the Replacement Pool Light Fixture

Now that you know the light works, you can put the fixture back together. Install the new lens gasket around the lens and cover the lightbulb with the lens. Once everything is screwed together, submerge the fixture in the pool to check for leaks.

If the pool light fixture bubbles when you place it underwater, the housing doesn’t have a tight seal. Remove it from the water, take it apart, dry everything, and put everything back together. If no leaks are present, you can reattach the light fixture to the pool wall using the screw-lock. 

4. Restart the Power

The final step is to restore the pool’s power. If you follow our guide correctly, the swimming pool’s lighting system should illuminate the water without complication.

Replacing a Pool Light Is Easy With 1 Pool Care

how to change a pool light

Though you now know how to change a pool light, you might not be comfortable doing so or prefer to save time on the task. If so, be sure to contact 1 Pool Care for all of your swimming pool repair needs in Perth, Western Australia. We can handle everything from replacing a pool light to repairing fixtures, so call 0456 75 75 75 today to request assistance.

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