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    Mobile Pool Service & Repairs

    All Areas Service | 20 Years Experience | Fixed Price

    We understand that you are probably busy and finding the time to keep your pool clean and safe to swim in can be a real problem. But when you don’t end up finding the time to maintain your pool regularly, it can lead to an unhealthy pool which can also mean extra costs to get your pool back to a pristine swimming condition.

    Regular Servicing

    We can work with you to put together a low-cost, customised plan to keep your pool in the best possible condition, so your family can swim with no worries. 

    One-off Service

    Our one-off pool clean and service is perfect for when need a hand to quickly get your pool back into shape!

    Green Pool Service

    We know that this can usually happen at the most inconvenient times, so we want to help you fix it FAST! 

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      Our Pool Services Includes

      1. Initial Surface Skim
      2. Vacuum the pool, empty baskets & pool sweep bag
      3. Brush down the pool surface
      4. Empty pump basket
      5. Backwash filter (scheduled)
      6. General equipment checks for optimal operation
      7. Check for leaks
      8. General clean of equipment area
      9. Complete water testing
      10. Check chemical balance
      11. Final pool check over & surface skim

      Pool Equipment Sales & Repairs

      The main benefit of using us for your pool repairs and the replacement of pool equipment is that you are ONLY dealing with us!

      We do ALL the legwork for you and prepare the best possible quotes so that you don’t have to waste time dropping off items to a store with someone that you don’t know.

      Pool Pumps

      Pool Filters


      Robotic Cleaners

      Pool Lights

      Baskets & Skimmers




      Because happiness is a day at the pool

      Make sure you always take care of your pool and keep it healthy, so you can swim your worries away.