How Much Does Pool Cleaning Cost in Perth?

How Much Does Pool Cleaning Cost in Perth?

Perth residents should be able to come home to a sparkling, clean pool. Pool cleaning services ensure you have a safe, debris-free pool to swim in. Depending on your pool’s size and condition, pool cleaning costs in Perth can vary.

Whether you need regular pool cleaning services or a one-time clean, pool cleaning will cost you. The professionals from 1 Pool Care understand that customers need to know what they’re paying for when it comes to pool maintenance and cleaning. We can perform routine pool cleanings or one-off services.

Keep reading to discover the pool cleaning prices in Perth, WA.

What Does Pool Cleaning Include?

While pool cleaning and servicing are different terms, they typically include the same services. A typical pool cleaning service will cover all cleaning needs, such as removing leaves, insects, and other debris from the pool. They’ll inspect your pool for damage, clean the pool pump’s basket and the water’s surface, clear filters, replace broken components, and look for leaks.

Additionally, your pool technician will check water pH, chlorine levels, and check for other minerals, metals, and contaminants in the pool. They may also use chemicals to restore the pH balance. They’ll also refill the water if the level is too low.

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How Much Is a One-Time Pool Cleaning?

For one-time pool cleans, pool cleaning prices in Perth start around $65 and can be up to nearly $200 per hour. The one-time fee, or service charge, covers an hour of labour. You’ll pay higher rates if your pool is especially dirty or large, and some companies charge based on location.

Aside from labour costs, cleaning chemicals and additional services will cost extra. Your pool cleaning experts may provide an initial estimate before performing service. You’ll get a better idea of prices for your specific needs.

Whether you get a regular service or a one-time clean, your pool will always need servicing. You should get pool cleaning services regularly to remove leaves and bugs and ensure the proper pH balance in the water. Routine pool cleaning may offer cost-saving benefits compared to a one-time appointment.

How Much Is Pool Maintenance?

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Monthly pool servicing is considerably cheaper than a single appointment. Depending on how much you use your pool, it may need servicing multiple times a month. Most companies charge between $65 and $90 per hour for routine cleaning, plus additional costs.

Getting pool maintenance and cleaning services also means you have a reliable repair partner if your pool breaks down. More frequent cleaning and maintenance will extend your pool’s life and may be eligible for reduced rates. Start with an inspection from a certified pool technician to find out.

Most Perth pool owners spend anywhere from $600 and $1,500 a month for complete servicing. Consider the maintenance costs of the following pool components.

Pool Pump

The pool pump ensures your pool water stays clean and keeps it from becoming stagnant. Pool pump maintenance costs increase in the summer with increased use, while winter maintenance costs are considerably less. You’ll pay around $110 monthly in the summer and around $80 monthly during winter.

Heating System

If your pool doesn’t have a heating element, you’ll save more on cleaning. Depending on the fuel type, you may pay around $100 up to $200 for solar heating. Electric is more expensive, requiring anywhere from $250 to $750 yearly, while gas is most expensive, costing up to $1,500 to heat your pool.

Water Levels

Perth’s hot temperatures mean some of the water in your pool will evaporate. You’ll need to refill your pool regularly to ensure water levels are adequate. Costs can vary depending on how much water you’ll need and the pool supplier you choose.

Chemical Cleaners

Pool cleaning prices in Perth don’t automatically include the cost of chemical cleaning products. Basic cleaners can start at $100, but as your inventory expands and you add new components to your pool, these prices can easily surpass $200 a year.

Get Thorough Pool Cleaning Services From 1 Pool Care

Pool cleaning is best performed by a professional pool cleaning service. They have the tools and know-how to ensure your pool is free of bugs, debris, and more. Their comprehensive testing means you’ll be safe from harmful water acidity and chemical levels will be ideal.

At 1 Pool Care, our team understands the complexity of pool cleaning and provides a high-quality service to match. With over 30 years of experience providing pool cleaning to Perth, Western Australia residents, we make your pool crystal clear and free of debris. Choose 1 Pool Care for the best pool cleaning prices Perth, WA, has.

Whether you have an in-ground pool or a pool spa, 1 Pool Care can make it shine. Contact us today on 0456 75 75 75.

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