Pool Cleaning Services in Perth’s Northern Suburbs

Pool Cleaning Services in Perth’s Northern Suburbs

Are you looking for pool cleaning services in Perth’s northern suburbs? Our team at 1 Pool Care handles pool cleaning and maintenance for clients in your situation. We understand how wonderful a clean pool feels on hot days and provide you with fast, experienced service.

Set up your appointment or discuss the services we offer today by calling us at 0456 75 75 75.

Your Pool Cleaning Options in Perth’s Northern Suburbs

Perth’s Northern Suburbs

Our team has extensive experience offering a range of pool cleaning services. In addition, pool professionals may assess your concerns regarding your pool and help you set up an appointment for:

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance services help you avoid potential problems with your pool. During a service appointment, our team members check out your:

  • Filtration system
  • Water
  • Skimmers and returns

We also go over the surface of your pool to ensure that it remains in good condition.

Filter Cleaning

The filter of your pool removes contaminants from the water. However, over time, the filter can get dirty or polluted by the dirt and grime it draws from the water. A clogged filter may impact the pressure in your pool, causing plumbing issues.

You can count on us to care for the filter when cleaning your pool.

pool filter cleaning

Acid Washing

Acid washing helps remove stains from the surface of your pool. The acid wash scrubs away:

  • Minerals

  • Chlorine
  • Plaster
  • Algae
  • Dirt

After an acid wash, you’ll have a fresh layer of plaster on the bottom of your pool, giving it a fresh and clean appearance.

Green Pool Cleaning

green pools

Has your pool turned a striking green colour? In this situation, you likely have an algae imbalance. We offer a cleaning service designed to help property owners with green pools. During the process, we’ll:

  • Perform a diagnostic and test the water
  • Remove algae by skimming the water, using a vacuum, and flushing your plumbing
  • Brush the surface to remove algae or scaling
  • Check for leaks
  • Assess your equipment
  • Perform a final check

We aim to return your pool to the lovely colour you expect by combatting an algae outbreak in Perth’s northern suburbs.

When to Schedule Pool Cleaning Services in Perth

Many property owners aren’t sure when to set up pool cleaning services. The experts recommend that you reach out to a cleaning service if you notice:

Issues with Your Water

The water in your pool should not suddenly change colour. Often, the water changes colour due to problems with improper chemical treatments. Yellow, brown, or green water indicate issues requiring professional cleaning services.

You may also notice foam or bubbles suddenly forming in your pool water. These signs indicate issues with the surface tension of your pool, which may mean that the pool has:

  • Too many germs or bacteria in the water
  • Imbalanced chemicals
  • Contaminants including lotion, soap, or sunscreen

We can help you remove these issues to return your pool to perfect condition.

Scaling on Pool Surfaces

The inorganic material can build up on the surfaces of your pool if alkaline, calcium, or pH levels get out of balance. You may notice discolouration on the stone, pool tiles, or fibreglass. We understand the frustration you may feel as a pool owner if you see this problem, and we’ll step in to help.

Rashes on Your Skin

Chlorine and other pool chemicals often cause mild irritation to your eyes or skin, especially if you spend a lot of time in the pool. However, sometimes individuals develop “hot tub rash” if they spend time in a pool contaminated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Reach out to us if you notice red rashes or other unusual symptoms after you spend time in your pool.

Bugs in Your Pool

Bugs naturally fall into your pool sometimes. However, your filtration system should remove these insects quickly instead of allowing them to sit in the water and create a messy situation. If you notice bugs lingering in the water, you can contact us to handle pool cleaning.

Types of Pools We Clean in Perth’s Northern Suburbs

We have the experience and training to help you, regardless of what kind of pool you have on your property. Our team uses our know-how and specialized equipment to clean:

  • Concrete pools
  • Fibreglass pools
  • Pools with a vinyl liner

We review your needs when you contact us and make sure we use the proper pool chemical to keep your pool in excellent condition.

Set Up Your Appointment to Have Your Pool Cleaned

Get professional pool cleaning services in Perth’s northern suburbs by reaching out to 1 Pool Care. We offer free quotes and upfront pricing backed by a 100% quality guarantee. Learn more about the services we offer right now by calling 0456 75 75 75.

You can find out the suburbs we focus on by clicking hereAllow us to get you back to enjoying fun in the sun.

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