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When considering swimming pool heating here in Perth, what do you look for and what is available?

To heat your pool there are three main options that most swimming pool owners choose from but there are other options that are used in commercial swimming pools across Australia.

Pool heating systems are readily available in Gas heaters, Solar and Electric and the pool owners expectations and budget will ultimately determine the choice of the pool heating system.

It certainly helps to get some well informed advice as a pool heating system can be a substantial investment. Careful consideration is needed on the pool size, environment, installation costs and whether the pool will used during the cooler months or for an extension of the swim season. Along with the use of a pool cover and warranty guarantee are all questions that need to be answered if the heating systems are going to be designed correctly for your swimming pool or spa.

Swimming Pool Heating Services Perth

Pool heating solutions here in Perth are our business and we have the best manufacturers and top brands on board. Not only can we design and install your pool heating but we will give you the hard facts before you purchase.

Perth, Western Australia has an envious climate and is perfect for extending that swim season, to raise the swimming temperature and to maximise the time spent out at the swimming pool. Keep the family entertained and enjoying themselves for most of the year because happiness is a day out at the pool.

If you are looking for a heat pump with the latest automation, so you are able to adjust the heat whilst you’re are away or something a little easier to operate, then we will have a heating system for you.

Our Pool Services Includes

Initial Surface Skim

Vacuum the pool, empty
baskets & pool sweep bag

Brush down the pool surface

Empty pump basket

Backwash filter (scheduled)

General equipment checks
for optimal operation

Check for leaks

General clean of
equipment area

Complete water testing

Check chemical balance

Final pool check over &
surface skim

How do swimming pool heat pumps work?

A heat pump uses power to drive the fan and compressor and draws warm air through an outer coil which absorbs the heat. The refrigerant inside the heating system turns the liquid into a gas and is circulated through the compressor and into the condenser. Through a heat exchanger inside the condenser and back around the outer coil.

The heat exchanger condenser also contains water from the pool that is also circulated through the heat exchanger. The refrigerant and pool water are two independent systems within the heat exchanger and the pool water and refrigerant do not mix. The heated pool water circulated through the heat exchanger that has been heated is then circulated back to the pool.

Pool Heat pump

How long does a pool heat pump last?

Heat pumps can easily last up to 10-15 years and although there is a possibility of them lasting longer, the questions that would be asked are of the technological advances made in that time would probably out way the efficiency.

Manufactures of heat pumps can offer a warranty of more than 15 years on their heat exchanger and this would give the impression that you will receive that extended life span. When you consider the purchase of any products or brands then the warranty as a whole needs to be examined and not just inflated warranty of one part, as this sometimes can be a little confusing.

The environment, pool water condition and balance will have a significant affect on the longevity of the heat pumps efficacy.

How long does it take to heat a pool
with a heat pump?

Swimming pools vary so much with size, environment and pool user expectations.

Especially the pool users expectations as it will certainly take a considerable amount of time to heat a pool on a cool winters day to the minimum temperature so your families and friends will be able to swim comfortably in the pool.

All heat pumps and pool heating systems need to be designed around these expectations and the use of the pool equipment and the power supply available.

Poorly installed and designed heat pumps will not make any significant impact on the swimming temperature at all but will certainly impact the power bill when it comes in.

On average for a well designed pool heating system the time taken can be 10 – 18 hours but this will be either reduced or increased to environmental and equipment factors. There will certainly be differences between a 80,000 litre pool that requires heating all year with a pool spa that is used only in summer and that certainly needs to be considered as part of your home energy budget.

Supply & install of solar & gas heating elements

If you don’t know what is available then how can you make a choice and although heat pumps are a very popular solution there are other options out there.

Pool heating solutions available that have been around for a while are solar pool heating and this option is very popular due to their low running costs. A simple design with a heat mat or collector tubes and a pool pump makes it simple to operate. Add a controller to monitor the pool water and you have possibly the cheapest system to maintain and operate and a very favourable option. Installation costs can be more and you will need to free up some space on the roof for the solar pool heating collectors.

Other pool heating options like Gas heating are also seen and offer quick heat transfer and less time needed to heat the pool or spa. With the introduction of high energy efficient heaters will possibly see this used more in the future in residential pools. High installation costs can be an issue but is still the most popular choice for commercial pools and spas.

Benefits of Heat Pump

Heat Pumps Can Heat and Cool the Pool

Can add WI-FI and App Control

High Efficiency

Lower Installation Costs

Is it important to have a pool cover?

It would not be advisable and certainly we don’t recommend that any heaters are used without the use of a good quality pool cover. The energy input required is greatest when the pool cover is removed and not on the pool. The design costs are also increased when a pool cover is not used, so this really is a no brainer.

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1 Pool Care have the industry experience to ensure you make the right choice before you purchase that pool heating system, so you won’t be shocked and left swimming in the cold by an under performing pool heating system. We have the experience and technical know how to design, supply and install your pool heating systems.

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