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Take advantage of our beautiful weather and extend your swimming season with pool heating in Perth. 1 Pool Care offers several pool heating systems to regulate your water temperature and keep your pool and spa comfortable longer than you may expect.

We work with both businesses and homeowners to find the best pool heaters in Perth that meet your needs. Whether you want eco-friendly solar heating in Perth or prefer electric pool heat pumps that work well with smaller pools or spas, 1 Pool Care can help with installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Pool Heating unit installed in Perth

Your Pool Heater Solutions in Perth

Having a swimming pool can take a lot of time and money to maintain, so you want to get the most out of it that you can. With 1 Pool Care’s pool heaters in Perth installations, you may be surprised at how often you enjoy your pool with water temperatures you can regulate.

Imagine having friends and family join you as you splash in the water or swim laps for improved health and wellness whenever you like. 1 Pool Care can show you smart and affordable swimming pool heating system options to fit your pool size, environment, and budget.

Here are the three most common choices for residential and commercial pool heating in Perth:

pool heating options
Pool Solar Heating System

Solar Pool Heating System

As a pool heating solution,  solar pool heating harnesses the power of the sun to heat your pool. Our solar pool heating in Perth gives you an affordable and energy-efficient way to keep your water comfortable. With solar panels that connect to your heat pump, your pool temperature can stay consistently warm, even when the air temperature is cool.

Electric Heat Pumps installation in Perth

Electric Heat Pumps

These pool heat pumps are perfect for smaller pools and spas, our electric heat pumps in Perth are simple to set up and regulate. This popular option is also affordable to install and operate.

1 Pool Care can show you how to program your keypad’s timer feature to warm up your swimming pool before you plan to swim. You can also download an app that allows you to set or change the water temperature whenever you are ready to use your pool.

Gas Pool Heating installation in Perth

Gas Heating System

If your Perth home has a gas line for heating, cooling, and cooking, you may want to consider gas heat pumps. This pool heating option does not take as long to warm the water as does an electric pool heat pump, making it a convenient choice if you want on-demand pool heating.

The downside to gas pool heating is that it may be more expensive to run. However, if you already use gas heating in your home, the installation should not be complicated.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Heating in Perth

1 Pool Care understands that pool heater installation in Perth is an investment, but so is having a pool. With a heating system for your pool and spa, you can experience a greater return on those investments and appreciate these benefits:

Enjoyment – Swimming pools are inviting, fun, and healthy. With a pool heater, you can entertain, swim, and play with your family and friends, even after the summer season ends.

Durability – Pool heating systems are easy to operate and maintain. 1 Pool Care can also set you up with a maintenance plan to keep your pool heater working smoothly throughout the year.

Well-being – Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for people of all ages and skill levels. Thanks to a pool heater from 1 Pool Care, you can swim all year long to stay healthy and improve your fitness.

Energy efficiency – No matter what type of pool heat pump you choose, you can run it without worrying about a massive spike in your energy use. Plus, when you set a timer using your phone, you can program the heat pump to only operate when you plan to swim.

Your Source for Pool Heating in Perth

1 Pool Care works with Perth homeowners and commercial properties to provide quality pool heating installation and maintenance. Instead of watching your pool sit there unused, contact us to learn more about our solar, electric, or gas pool heating solutions.
Our team is happy to explain which heat pump is the best fit for your swimming pool and what to expect during installation.

Want a heated pool? Call us in Perth on 0456 75 75 75.

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