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    West Australian Gas Pool Heating Solutions

    Gas Pool Heaters in Perth

    Gas pool heaters are fast, reliable, efficient and can be used all year round, in all weather conditions. At 1 Pool Care, we only use the best gas pool heating solutions available. This is why we recommend the Astral gas heater range of products as they provide the fastest and most effective heating solution on the market in Perth, Western Australia.

    When a Pool Gas heater is installed, it taps into your home’s gas line much like a gas heater or cooktop. The Pool Gas heater then draws heat by creating a flame that it uses to heat the water running through the device. This makes it the fastest heating solution for swimming pools and spas and a must for any more that is looking to heat their pool quickly.

    Benifits of Gas Pool Heating

    Gas pool heaters are the most efficient pool heating option in any kind of weather due to their fast warmup times and ease of installation. A lot of Families in Perth, Western Australia are turning to pool heaters because:


    Great in all Weather

    No matter if it’s sunny, hot, cold or raining gas heaters will deliver unparalleled heating to your pool or spa.

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    Low Running Costs

    Gas heaters are energy efficient and offer energy savings + low running costs.

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    Repairs and Troubleshooting

    Gas heaters are less prone to problems than other heating solutions and they last around 5 years.



    As there are fewer moving parts gas heaters emit virtually no sound.

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    Faster To Heat Up

    Out of all the heating solutions on the market, A gas pool heater is the fastest option.

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    Automatic Temperature Control

    Pool Gas heaters are “set and forget” control. Once “on” that’s the temperature of your pool or spa.

    Gas Pool Heating Products

    These gas pool heaters are an ideal choice for anyone who uses their pool or spa spontaneously or occasionally, such as on the weekends or if friends come to visit.

    ICI 400B Gas Heater

    ICI-400B Gas Pool Heater

    The AstralPool ICI-400B gas pool heater is one of the newest pool heating solutions on the market. As well as being Fantastic in small spaces, this quick and efficient heater is extremely reliable and be plumed into either Natural or LPG gas. If you require high-performance heating to rapidly warm your swimming pool or spa, the AstralPool ICI-400B is a great choice.

    JX Gas Heater

    JX Gas Pool Heater

    The AstralPool JX gas pool and spa heater is a premium fan-forced heater designed for wall mounting. The JX pool heater can achieve a 14°C increase in water temperature in 24 hours, its also available for indoor and outdoor applications. It can warm your pool or spa to a water temperature of 28°C – 30°C  in one day even in winter.

    HX Gas Heater

    HX Gas Pool Heater

    The HX gas pool and spa heater is the most low-cost solution that Astral Pool heaters offers. This heater is made in Australia with electronic touch controls making the HX heater is ideal for your heating requirements. It requires minimal maintenance and has improved efficiency over a range of conditions. With two sizes available, you can pick the right energy output for your individual heating needs.

    How Pool Gas Heating Works 

    there are 3 stages that gas pool heaters go through during operation:

    1. Gas heaters draw natural gas from your gas line and then burns it to produce heat.
    2. The pump then draws water into the heating system through a filtration system.
    3. When the water reaches the desired temperature it is then circulated back into the pool or spa.
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