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    High Performance, highly reliable and compact

    HX Gas Pool Heater

    The Astral HX Gas Pool Heater is designed and made in Australia. it has electronic touch controls, making them simple and efficient for a range of heating requirements. At 1 Pool care we supply state-of-the-art HX gas pool and spa heaters to our Perth WA clients. This is a lost-cost pool heating solution, available in two sizes, to meet your gas pool heating requirements.

    HX Gas Heater

    HX Gas Pool Heater Features

    The HX Gas Pool Heater is an affordable heating unit for most families in Perth WA. It comes with a huge range of benefits including:

    Made In Australia

    Buy local! the HX heater is made in Australia, It is one of the toughest pool heaters on the market marine grade powder coated external cabinet which will ensure that it will perform efficiently in all weather conditions.

    Two Sizes To Choose From

    The HX pool heater comes in 2 variations, the Hx70 and the Hx120. your pool size is the determining factor in relation to which model you choose to solve your overall heating requirments.

    Low operating cost

    The HX heater has an all copper heat exchanger that accepts high flow rates which improves the heater efficiency and prevents scale formation in the waterways.

    Large Display Interface

    The large Liquid Crystal Display was designed to be the perfect diagnosis tool providing as much, or as little information as you require.

    Electronic ignition for complete reliability

    The HX heater uses an electric ignition system. This makes it easy to use, start and maintain.

    Low Maintenance Costs

    The HX has a very low running cost. Once installed the gas usage of this heating unit is extremely low.


    The expert team at 1 Pool Care can expertly install the HX Gas Heater in around half a day. We ensure that minimal disruption is caused to your household or workplace when we install this heating unit. once installed you can heat your pool ready for the next mornings swim.


    The HX heater as your heating solution is a good choice because it comes with a combustion warranty on the cabinet and chamber, which come with a limited 5-year warranty. The waterways and burners are covered for 2 years, and all other components are guaranteed for 12 months.

    Product Specifications 

    the HX pool heater has the following specs:

    Model No. HX70 HX120
    Height 720mm 820mm
    Width 320mm 390mm
    Volume 0.074m 0.162m
    Weight 21.0kg 25.0kg
    Gas Connection 15 20

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