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JX Gas Pool Heater

Enjoy on-demand heating with the JX gas heater.


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    Wall Mounted & Fast Heat Up Times

    The JX Gas Pool Heater

    The JX Gas Pool Heater is an excellent option for Perth pool owners. The JX gas pool and spa heater is a premium fan forced above ground pool heater that offers a fast and effective heating solution to heat your pool all year round. Because it’s small, it can fit into confined spaces as well as being wall-mounted, this makes it a popular pool heating option for both indoor as well as outdoor pools.

    JX Gas Heater

    JX Gas Pool Heater Features

    The JX Gas Pool Heater is an affordable heating unit for most families in Perth WA. It comes with a huge range of benefits including:


    Allows For Year-Round Swimming

    No matter if it’s sunny, hot, cold or raining this gas heater will deliver unparalleled heating to your pool or spa.

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    Efficient To Run

    The JX pool heater has low running costs so you won’t get hit with a huge hike in your gas bill.


    Heating On Demand

    The HX gas pool heater has a fast heat-up time, It provides a versatile “heating on-demand” solution. 

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    Compact Design

    The JX pool heater is a Smaller design and requires a low amount of space


    Available For Indoor and Outdoor

    The JX Pool heater can be mounted inside or outside.

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    Australian Owned and Made

    The JX pool heater is designed and made in Australia.


    The Astral JX Gas Pool Heater can be installed indoors or outdoor on the ground or wall-mounted. The Installation time for the JX heater is around half a day. This means minimal hassle and interruption to your daily routine. It also means that by the next morning, you can be swimming in a warm pool.


    The  JX combustion cabinet and chamber carry a limited 5-year warranty. Meanwhile, the waterways and burners are covered for 2 years and all other components are guaranteed for a full 12 months. Warranty conditions apply.

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    Product Specifications 

    the JX pool heater has the following specs:

    Model No. JX 130 JX 160
    Input 120 M/J 155 M/J
    Water Connections 40mm 40mm
    Width 520 651
    Depth 299 299
    Height 755 755
    Front Clearance 500 500
    Side Clearance 50 50
    Above Clearance 300 300
    Below Clearance 900 900
    JX gas pool heater

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