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    Installation of Heat Pumps for the West Australian Climate

    Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

    Swimming pool heat pumps are a great investment for your home or commercial pool if want to maintain a comfortable temperature for your pool all year-round. By installing a heat pump, you can extend your pool swimming season and feel like you are in a hotel swimming pool. No matter what your pool use is, a pool heat pump is a perfect cost-effective pool heating solution to keep swimming longer.

    Swimming pool heat pumps or “electric pool heat pumps” are connected to the power grid and work in conjunction with a fan system that extracts the outside air temperature. This creates extra “heat energy” that the pool heat pump will then use to heat your pool similar to how an air-con unit heats and cools your home.

    There are 2 different variations of heat pumps on the market:

    • On/off heat pumps 
    • Inverter heat pumps

    The on/off heat pump solution is now becoming obsolete as the inverter models use a lot less power and are cheaper to run.

    To get the best results from a heat pump installation, it’s recommended to use it in conjunction with a pool cover to get the best heating results.

    Reason Why

    A Electric Heating Solution Is The Right Choice For Your Family

    At 1 Pool Care, we only use the latest pool heater technology to deliver outstanding pool heating solutions to our clients.


    Ultra-quiet Performance

    Electric pool heaters are so quiet that you won’t even know that there running.

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    Fast Installation & Low running costs 

    Electric pool heaters can be installed in less than a day. Long term they are cheap to run.


    Installed On Pools of All Sizes

    No matter the size, shape or location of your pool there is an electric pool heater solution.


    Easy to Operate 

    You can turn an electric pool heater on and off with just a click on a button.

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    Fantastic life Span

    Electric pool heating units have a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years

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    Great Customer Service

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at 1 Pool Care.

    At 1 Pool Care, we are swimming pool heat pump experts. They are simple to use, cost-effective and a very effective way to heat your swimming pool or spa whenever you want. If you are looking for pool heating options that allow you to swim all year at your desired temperature, then a heat pump is the best solution for you.

    Astral Viron Heat Pump

    Astral Viron Heat Pumps

    The Astral Viron heat pump is designed to heat your pool by utilizing electricity. This electric Heat pump works on similar principles to an air conditioning or refrigerator, the Astral Viron extracts the latent heat that exists in the atmosphere around us and delivers its direction into the swimming pool water. The Astral Viron includes both standard technology and the new Inverter technology and is Environmentally friendly, Whisper quiet, has low running costs and Wi-Fi connectivity included. 

    Astral Pool ECO heatpump

    Astral Pool ECO Heat Pumps

    The ECO Inverter Heat Pump range uses R32 Gas Refrigerant. With quicker heating times than other heat pumps and a lower energy footprint. this is a great choice for your family or commercial premises and enables you to enjoy swimming quicker and at a constant temperature. Optional WiFi Module add-on for use with the HeatPumpGo app

    Evo Force heat pump

    Evo Force Heat Pumps

    The Evo Force heat pump is our high-performance pool and spa inverter heat pump that provides year-round pool heating with the lowest running costs. The Evo Force heat pump was manufactured to deliver pool heating with exceptional performance, low operating costs & can be combined with solar pool heating technology to reduce carbon immissions.

    How Does A Heat Pump Work?

    Electric heat pumps have a very similar functionality to a home air-con unit accept it for your pool. They work by harnessing the outside air and pumping the heat into the water until the desired temperature is reached. When the pool is close to the set temperature, the heat pump ramps down and reduces its overall electricity use, which saves you money. In comparison to a gas pool heater, an electric pool heater uses a lot less energy but will take slightly longer to heat the pool.

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