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    High Performance, highly reliable and compact

    The Astral Viron Heat Pump Electric Pool Heater

    The Astral Viron Heat Pump Electric Pool Heater is made and designed tough for the Australian environment. The Viron Inverter Heat Pump range uses R32 Gas Refridgerant, which offers higher efficiency and longer pipe runs and requires less refrigerant volume per Kw. This means quicker heating times and less energy used to heat up your pool. Reduced electricity consumption by 10% and lower environmental impact.

    Astral Viron Pool Heat Pump

    ICI-400B Gas Pool Heater Features

    The Astral Viron Heat Pump/Pool Heater is an affordable heating unit for most families and businesses in Perth WA. It comes with a huge range of benefits including:

    High capacity for fast heat-up

    No matter if it’s sunny, hot, cold or raining gas heaters will deliver unparalleled heating to your pool or spa.

    Energy Efficient

    The Astral Viron Heat Pump/Electric Pool Heater is energy efficient and has low running costs.

    Heating on demand

    The Astral Viron Heat Pump Electric Pool Heater has a fast heat up time. 1 day heat up time is required to heat your pool.

    Wi-Fi module included

    The Astral Viron Heat Pump Electric Pool Heater connects to your home wifi network for easy control.

    Low operating cost

    The Astral Viron Heat Pump Electric Pool Heater has low running costs so you won’t get hit with a huge hike in your electric bill.

    Environmentally friendly

    The Astral Viron Heat Pump Electric Pool Heater collects 13Kw of energy from the air for every 1KW it consumes from the mains. This makes it extremely environmentally friendly. 


    The Astral Viron Heat Pump/Pool Heater can be professionally installed in just half a day minimising the disruption to your normal daily routine. You can have a warm pool for an early morning swim the day after installation!


    The Astral Viron Heat Pump is covered by a 3-year limited warranty on both commercial and residential installations. For the parts there is 5 years on the compressor. 5 years on heat exchanger warranty. Any damage to the heat exchanger due to incorrect water chemistry is not covered by warranty.

    Astral Viron Pool Heat Pump

    Product Specifications 

    the Astral Viron Heat Pump pool heater has the following specs:

    Model No. Viron iHP90 Viron iHP120 Viron iHP170 Viron iHP195 Viron iHP242 Viron iHP283
    AquaTemp app Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Pool Coverage
    Heating capacity 2.15~9 2.85~12 3.77~17 4.6~19.5 5.7~24.2 6.7~28.3
    Water flow volume 53.33 L/m 70 L/m 88.33 L/m 111 L/m 143.33 L/m 166.67 L/m
    Viron Connect compatible No No No Yes Yes Yes
    Wifi module included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Input power 0.16~1.6 0.21~2.12 0.3~3.02 0.37~3.94 0.46~4.8 0.54~5.57
    Water pressure drop (max) Kpa 4 4.5 5 6 11 15
    Water connection 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
    Sound pressure 1M Db(A) 40-50 42-52 44-53 45-56 46-57 48-58
    Power 10A Cable with plug 15A Cable with plug Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase Triple Phase
    Voltage/phases/frequency 220-240V~/1Ph 220-240V~/1Ph 220-240V~/1Ph 220-240V~/1Ph 220-240V~/1Ph 380-415V/3Ph
    Running current 0.69-6.9 Amp 0.9-9.2 Amp 1.3-13.1 Amp 1.6-17.1 Amp 2.0-20.8 Amp 1.1-9.3 Amp
    Refrigerant type R32 R32 R32 R32 R32 R32
    COP 13.44~5.63 13.57~5.66 12.57~5.63 12.43~4.95 12.39~5.04 12.41~5.08
    Net Dimensions (L/W/H) 950×400×620 mm 950×400×620 mm 1110×480×870 mm 1110×480×870 mm 1110×480×1220 mm 1110×480×1220 mm

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