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Stop the loss of heat and evaporation with a pool blanket/cover for your pool.

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    Are Pool Covers A Good Investments for Pools in Perth?

    Having a swimming pool can take a lot of time and money to maintain, so you want to get the most out of it that you can. A swimming pool cover has an array of benefits that Perth pool owners simply can’t ignore, this makes them a must. 

    Pool covers are worth investing in because they will save you a lot of money in the long run. apart from keeping debris out of your pool, a pool cover will also stop water evaporation and heat loss, they can raise your pool temperatures from 4-8 degrees. If you couple this with another pool heating solution, it will save you money on heating costs because it will take less time for your pool to heat up and be ready for use.  On average a pool cover can reduce your heating costs by up to 80%.

    Did you know that the sun and UV rays can have an effect on your swimming pool water? When the sun shines directly on your pool it can change the PH and chlorine levels, which means you will have higher chemical costs. With a pool cover, you won’t have to check the levels anywhere near as often cutting down on labour and chemical costs long term.

    because swimming pool covers keep out dirt and debris, your pool elements stay safe, especially the filter. If this gets clogged with leaves, it can break down and end up costing you to get it fixed again.

    As mentioned above swimming pool covers also save on the amount of work you need to do on your pool. they reduce the amount of pool cleaning that is required as they stop leaves and dirt from entering the pool water. this will also protect other areas of your pool like the pool filter because leave and dirt will not clog or damage the mechanism.

    Lastly, did you know that if installed correctly a pool blanket can actually be a pool safety feature? A professionally installed pool cover can act as a barrier or “bubble wrap” between kids and pets and the water.

    Commercial Pool Covers

    Commercial Pool Covers

    Commercial pool covers are very effective in reducing maintenance, retaining heating and reducing power bills on a commercial pool.

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    Residential Pool Covers

    We have a large range of pool covers to suit most residential pools. No matter if you just want to keep your pool cleaner or you are interested in the heating benefits we have pool blanket options available. 

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    Pool Rollers

    If not stored correctly then a cover can make looking after swimming pools a lot harder. But if you get a pool roller to go with your blank it can make looking after your cover a breeze.

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    1 Poolcare are the experts in swimming pool covers in Perth WA. Our team has many years of experience helping both residential and commercial pool owners with pool blankets and rollers.


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    top of the line products for both Residential & Commercial Pools and Spas.

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    We offer great rates on all our residential and commercial pool covers and blankets.


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    Our pool technicians can solve and repair most swimming pool cover issues on the spot.


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    We have been helping the people of Perth with their swimming pool cover needs since 2001.

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    Huge Range of Pool Covers

    A huge range of pool cover options are avaialable.

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    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at 1 Pool Care.

    The Best Pool Cover Products in Perth

    At 1 Pool Care, we are passionate about your pool’s health. When it comes to pool heating we only use the best quality products on the market. You can rest assured that if you get a pool cover from us that your pool blanket will adhere to Australian standards and last in the harshest weather conditions. Each is built to last and will keep heat in and debris out.

    Whether you’re after a pool cover for your residential or commercial pool, you’ll receive the outstanding quality that protects your pool and saves you time and money.

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