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    West Australian Commercial or Residential Solar Pool Heating Solutions

    Why Solar Pool Heating Is A Great Choice For The Perth Climate

    Australia is one of the sunniest continents on the planet, summer in Perth is hot and dry with very little rainfall. The average temperature range from 17.5 – 30°C (63.5 – 86°F) and on average during the summer season daylight times is between 11.5 and 12.5 hours. These conditions are the perfect opportunity to harness the sun’s FREE energy to heat our pool water. Solar pool heating uses very little energy and has only a few moving parts. This makes it the most economical, renewable and low maintenance pool heating option available.

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    How Does Solar Heating Work?

    How Does Solar Pool Heating Work

    When you install a solar pool heating system the cool water that is naturally in your pool is pumped up to your roof. Once there, the water is heated by the sun’s thermal energy until it reaches the desired temperature. The warm pool water is then returned to your swimming pool and in effect raises the temperature overall. Once your solar pool heater is installed, the sun heats your water for free, drastically reducing potential heating costs.

    Reason Why

    Solar Heating Is The Right Choice For Your Family

    If you are environmentally conscious and your worried about your overall power cost then a solar heater could be the right choice for your property. Here are the major benefits of installing a solar heating solution:


    Extend The Swimming Season

    Like all pool heaters, a solar pool heater will extend your swimming pool season. You will have complete control over your pool temprature.

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    Save On Power Bills

    Because you are harnessing the sun’s energy the overall costs are lower in comparison to other pool heating solutions.

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    Durable and Reliable

    A correctly installed Solar pool heating solution can last a lifetime.


    Quiet Operation

    Solar pool heaters produce very little sound. They’re so quiet that you won’t even know that its there!

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    If you care about being carbon neutral then a solar pool heater is a great choice.

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    Great Customer Service

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at 1 Pool Care.

    Solar Pool Heating Benifits

    By installing a solar heating solution it will extend your overall swimming season by up to 9 months of the year or even longer by using a pool cover over winter.

    The Benefits of a solar pool heater include:

    • The cheapest running costs when it comes to heating your pool long term
    • They are environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint
    • Can fit on any roof shape
    • Complete temperature control at your fingertips
    • The water heating system works no matter the weather conditions on both cloudy and sunny days
    • This heating method is very quiet – minimal operating noise
    • Can be combined with other solar and heating solutions on your roof
    • A variety of system size options to suit any budget 

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      *We dont respond to marketing/seo related emails

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