Pool Repairs Perth

Get your swimming pool replacement needs delivered to your doorstep throughout Northern Suburbs and Perth.

Need to replace your pool equipment?

The main benefit of using us for your pool repairs and the replacement of pool equipment is that you are ONLY dealing with 1 Pool Care, this is why pool owners love us!

We do ALL the legwork for you and prepare the best possible quotes so that you don’t have to waste time dropping off items to a store with someone that you don’t know.

We also work with all different makes, models, and types of pools, plus we can repair, pool pumps and filters, salt pool chlorinators, pool cleaning equipment, pool lights, controllers, pool robots, pool suction cleaners, and heaters

We will assess the repairs, and/or equipment and provide you with an upfront quote, so you can decide what’s best for you.

If you want to have or buy pool robotic, and suction cleaners, we are very happy to provide the highest quality ones for you.

Get your pool back in good working order with 1 Pool Cares mobile service solution. No matter if you need Pool maintenance, spare parts or pool pump repairs our swimming pool care team can help you.

Salt Pool Chlorinator Repairs

Ensure your salt pool chlorinator runs properly and produces enough chlorine to keep your pool blue and avoid cloudy water.

Suction Cleaner Repairs

Let our professional team tackle your suction pool cleaner issues and keep it working to make sure your pool in a clean state.

Pool Robot Repairs

With a great benefit in the long run, make sure your pool robot has a performance boost and keeps your pool dirt-free.

Pool Pump Repairs or Replacement

If your pool pump isn’t working well, it’s vital to replace or repair it ASAP as it aids in circulating chemicals to sanitize the water. If you would like to know more about pool pump repairs please click here.

Salt Pool Chlorinator Repairs or Replacement

When your pools start turning green, it’s an urgent alarm for you to have your salt pool chlorinator repaired or replaced.

Pool Light Repairs or Replacement

Pool lights are functioning as both aesthetic features and safety features. If you need a pool light replacement, we are ready for you.

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