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Pool Filter Repairs Perth

If the water pool water is looking cloudy or has lost its sparkle, then maybe there is a problem with the swimming pool filter or pool pump. Here we will go through some important information, so you are able to understand the importance of the pool filter and possibly decide on the best choice for your swimming pool or spa.

Many pool owners have little understanding or knowledge on the function of the pool filter and are often confused between the pool filter, pool pumps and chlorinators.

To break it down easily to understand the pool pumps are the loudest of all the pool equipment when in operation, due to the pool pumps motor and are usually found adjacent to the pool filter. The chlorinator is on the wall close to the pool pumps and control the operation of all the pool equipment, including sanitisation.

There are different types of swimming pool filter that we commonly see around Perth and these are a high-rate sand filter and cartridge filter.

The pool filter has important work to do as this removes debris and micro- organisms within the pool water during the circulation process. If filtration is not done efficiently or successfully then bacteria will be left behind, which culminates in cloudy spa or swimming pool water and possibly algae growth.

1 Pool Care are the pool experts here in Perth, we can talk through any problem or issues that you may have been experiencing with your spa or pool filter, pump or chlorinator and can discuss any repairs or replacement you require. Call us today to book a pool filter repair or service !

Top 5 Swimming Pool Sand Filter

Swimming pool filter problems are varied with an easy repair to a more extensive replacement, requiring calculation and re-configuration of the plumbing.

Pool Chlorinator

The top sand filter problem we encounter is a damaged multiport valve, leaking water through the waste line. This is usually seen after backwashing the sand filter and can leave you flooded once the pool pump is switched back on at the chlorinators. The multiport valve consists of a gasket, spring and washers that ensure the correct flow of water through the sand filter. If any of these parts are worn or damaged then water will leak out through the backwash or waste line.

Suction Cleaner Repairs

A backwash or waste line from a sand filter that has not been connected correctly, is a big problem. Not only is it impossible to successfully backwash and rinse the sand filter, to remove any micro-organisms buried within the media during filtration, but the high flow and pressure of the pool water will possibly damage the surrounding environment or buildings. Backwashing sand filters need some extra thought as the pool water needs to be drained away to a designated storm water drain.

Pool Robot

A spider gasket is contained within the multiport valve and sometimes wear due to poor pool water quality or poor pool maintenance, age is also a factor. Spider gaskets vary in size and installation and some are fixed in place. You would need to consider replacing this due to the time needed to remove it. Others are a simple replacement with a quick removal of the valve top assembly.

pool Pump Repairs

The media inside a swimming pool filter will require replacement at some point. This could consist of Zeolite, sand or glass media. Zeolite and sand media require replacing after around the same length of time but will be dependent on the size, bather load and environment it has been exposed to. If you have pool water that is consistently cloudy and the swimming pool filter is older than 5 years old then it possibly requires a media change. Glass media has anti bacterial qualities and will last the length of the tank. Disposal would need to be considered when replacing glass media.

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A swimming pool filter needs to be sized correctly for the pool it has been installed in. Could you imagine an undersized filter installed in a large public swimming pool. There would be outrage if any persons became ill because the performance did not meet the aquatic standards and codes. We see this often with customers pools throughout Perth. The sand filter needs to sized correctly and installed with consideration to all the pool equipment already installed.

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If you have repairs that need attention and you are unsure of the best options available, then call the team at 1 Pool Care to book a service call !

Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

We have access to all the best products and brands available to repair, maintain or replace your existing swimming pool pump, chlorinator or filter, here in Perth

We also have contact throughout Australia for all your spa equipment too.

So, if you’re not sure that the issues can be sorted or if it’s time to throw in the sun bed towel, then give us a call at 1 Pool Care and let the swim times return.

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Cartridge filters are a great swimming pool filter and offer fine filtration with a unique compact design which are commonly seen on new pool installations here in Perth.

There are some disadvantages with cartridge filters which need to considered before this option is decided upon for you and your pool.

A cartridge filter contains an element inside the filter, which as water passes through the paper it traps the micro-organisms and bacteria in the element. This element will need to be removed and cleaned periodically to maintain flow and circulation through the pool.

The cartridge filter will require dismantling and the cartridge element will need to be removed for cleaning. So, if you are unsure of the procedure or you have strength or mobility issues, then you may find this difficult to do regularly.

Water pressure is a problem with some properties here in Perth and cleaning the cartridge element will require a minimum flow, to push the debris, dirt and particles back through the filter element. Before you get out the pressure washer and blast the cartridge with a high-pressure hose, consider that this will only damage the cartridge element. The cleaning of the cartridge requires a steady, even flow of water pressure.

Cartridge elements will require removal and cleaning as we have mentioned. If this is not done regularly enough then it will become blocked over time. It will then either require replacing or soaking in a filter degreaser or cleaner as the condition deteriorates. Along with possible vent, O-ring replacement due to the constant removal process, then replacement costs need to be added.

With a sand filter that has a waste line connected correctly installed. Lowering of the water level or the removal of chemicals is easier than with a cartridge filter installed unless a designated waste line and diverter valve is installed to a storm drain or soak well.

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Pool Filter Repair, Replacement & Installation

1 Pool Care have the experience, knowledge and products available for your pool or spa.

So, if you have a question on your pool that you are not sure of and before you head out to the nearest hardware store, give our senior technician a call and book in one of our services.

For honest, straightforward information we can arrange the equipment delivered to your door giving you peace of mind that all the hard work is done.

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