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Most swimming pools have a pool light and over time this can become the least thought of once the light no longer works.

It’s sad but true that swimming pool lights become a ‘bottom of the pool’ problem when it comes to repairs and replacement, as pool owners believe that pool lighting adds the least value when considering any changes.

So many lights are left to deteriorate in the sun on the pool side or until someone trips over the power cord and gets injured.

Led pool lights can change the look and even enhance the pool experience but more over they add safety.

Lights can really give you that resort feeling during a warm summer evening, or complement that pool side party with led multi-colours dancing to your favourite tunes.

Pool lights have more features than ever and one or multiple lights can be controlled by a remote control, so there is no need to leave the comfort of your favourite chair.

1 Pool Care are the pool experts that can help you choose a suitable replacement, when the time comes. Led pool lights are available in a ‘true retro fit’ installation which are suitable for most pool surfaces and situations.

So, let’s get that light off the pool side and back into the water, where it belongs.

Pool Lighting Service In Perth WA

Pool lights are so diverse and lights range considerably between halogen bulbs, led lights and sometimes fibre optic.

Halogen has been around a while and there are spares and parts available, although it would be dependent on the age and condition.

LED lights or light emitting diode usually have no replaceable bulb or internal components to dismantle, with the benefit of being a longer lasting light with added power efficiency.

Although the purchase costs have increased with a led pool light, the efficiency, features and maintenance far out way this, although you may not get the desired number of hours that is promoted by the manufacturer, you should still get a reasonable amount of time before replacement is needed, especially if the pool lights have been installed correctly. Add the fact you will not be out at the pool dismantling and replacing a bulb, has got to be a winner.

Pool lights need expertise as the mix between power and water could be catastrophic and although you may not need an electrician to install a light, it really needs a pool professional to ensure that the installation and repair are done correctly.

1 Pool Care have the licences and qualifications to replace your pool lighting, so why take the risk and do this yourself. Call the pool professional today to book an inspection and service !

Our Pool Services Includes

Initial Surface Skim

Vacuum the pool, empty
baskets & pool sweep bag

Brush down the pool surface

Empty pump basket

Backwash filter (scheduled)

General equipment checks
for optimal operation

Check for leaks

General clean of
equipment area

Complete water testing

Check chemical balance

Final pool check over &
surface skim

LED Pool Lights Repair

Led lights can be repaired but this type of pool light would commonly be replaced for the same size and type.

The bulb inside an LED light is not usually repairable as this type of light is a sealed case or unit, so any dismantling would possibly invalidate any warranty or cause further issues once the seals are broken.

Before considering repairs to any existing LED pool lights consideration would need to be given on the light fixture installed, the age of the existing pool light and the availability of any spares.

Is your pool light not working?

So, you have found the power to the pool light and put the switch to the socket on ?

Nothing happens, so you automatically assume that a bulb has blown or there is a fault with the light ?

You then panic that the water level will need to be lowered and how much water will be wasted to replace the light, let alone the cost ?

All this is done without going through the basics and checking that the power is on to the light transformer or if there isn’t a fault with the GPO or a circuit breaker has disconnected.

Before conducting any tests or re-establishing a power supply it would be highly recommended not to touch anything without knowing what you are doing. You can cause serious injury or damage to yourself, family and equipment without the necessary experience or testing equipment to ensure that a swimming pool light is safe to work on.

If you have checked the power and all is good, then examine the size and type of the light.

If it is a halogen bulb, then consider changing the bulb or globe. There are various wattage and voltages available to different lights and it is essential that you install the correct one.

There can be nothing more frustrating than proceeding to replace a light bulb to have it burn out within a few minutes or weeks after replacement.

Just remember there should be no need to lower the water level at any stage to replace a bulb or globe.

We are the experts in swimming
pool lights

If you are not sure of the light fixture, brand or products you currently have or are confused how to repair or replace your pool lights. Then book a service call with our experienced and licenced technician for an assessment today.

We have access to all the best lighting products for your pools in our mobile store.

Contact the Swimming Pool Light professionals in

If you tired of tripping over that cord on the pool side and you need a pool professional to check over and advise you of the best pool light for you, then give us a call at 1 Pool Care.

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