Pool Pump Repairs Perth

Perth pool owners are sometimes confused with what the pool pump does and how to maintain or service this essential piece of pool equipment.

The pool pump is essential as it circulates the water through the pool, filter and sanitisation system, so if any part fails within the pool pump, then the pool will soon turn cloudy or green and become unsanitary to swim in.

1 Pool Care are the Perth Pool experts, we provide new pool equipment including pool pumps but sometimes the most cost-effective option is to repair.

Our service team will firstly discuss your options when you call and if we believe a repair is the best option for you, then we can arrange an appointment to assess the problem.

We will assess the pool equipment completely and if we believe that the pool pump is repairable, then our service technicians will repair this during a service call.

Pool Pump Repairs in Perth

Here in Perth, we have a mix of different pool pump motors and brands available, designing a unique assembly and functionality, which can require extensive knowledge before you start.

Pool pump repairs are different in varying proportions and some are easier than others, with some pool pump parts more easily available than others.

Age is a consideration with pump repairs and we would not recommend spending time on pool pump services for a pool pump which is on the far side of its best days.

It can take some time on a service for pool pump repairs and there is nothing more frustrating than the motor failing the very next week. It can happen !

So, consider all the information before you strip down the motor and replace those bearings and mechanical seals, so you can have full peace of mind that the pool pump repairs are going to give you value for money.

1 Pool Care have you covered and our pool services can carry out that essential repair before disaster happens.

Our Pool Services Includes

Initial Surface Skim

Vacuum the pool, empty
baskets & pool sweep bag

Brush down the pool surface

Empty pump basket

Backwash filter (scheduled)

General equipment checks
for optimal operation

Check for leaks

General clean of
equipment area

Complete water testing

Check chemical balance

Final pool check over &
surface skim

When your Pool Pump is acting up get the
experts to your home

There are a few common problems found when a pool pump acts up and starts to give you problems.

Capacitors, mechanical seals and bearings are a few faults and problems commonly seen here in Perth along with impeller blockages and pool pump leaks.

Our service technicians have the experience and parts in our mobile store to get your pumps fully functioning again and if not then we can quote you on a replacement.

Is your pool pump motor not working 100%?

Pool pumps have a fair bit of work to do, so when the pool pump motor is not working as well as it should then there is the possibility that you are having to run it longer and harder to get the desired effect.

Single speed, three speed or variable motors, we are the pool experts to fully assess the pool equipment to ensure that you have the repairs done and giving you peace of mind.

Perth Pool Pump Repair Company
With A History Of Experience

Our senior service technician has over 30 years’ experience with licences, qualifications and professional memberships to stay at the front of an ever changing world of pool technology.

1 Pool Care would be delighted to be ‘your’ local pool experts. We have access to all the brands and services to ensure that your pool pump is repaired or replaced without delay.

Contact the Pool Pump Repair Specialists in Perth

Pool pump motors can have so much work to do and pool owners commonly believe a bigger pool pump is a better pool pump.

This is NOT the case, so before you repair or replace your pool equipment, give the pool experts a call to assess the pool and give you some honest, straightforward advice.

Check out our regular pool services and include a pool pump assessment for one affordable cost.

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