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Perth Pool Pump Repairs

Your pool pump is the beating heart of your swimming pool’s cleaning system and is vital for keeping your pool clean. A failing pool pump can have a massive impact on the rest of your pool’s health and impact your overall enjoyment of the pool. 

It’s a good idea to schedule swimming pool pump repairs in Perth as soon as you suspect a problem to help avoid potential leaks, cracks, and other costly repairs in the future. 

Signs You Need Pool Pump Repairs or Replacement

While it’s normal for your pool equipment to make some noises as the motor runs, it should be a constant hum. If you hear screeching, grinding, or rattling from the pump, you know that there’s something wrong.

Ignoring these sounds will lead to worsening problems. A rattle often indicates excess vibration and, if left alone, will result in pool pump components dislodging or cracking due to strain.

Bubbles, suction in the pool, or returns spitting water indicate an issue with either your pool pump or piping. These symptoms are often due to air leaks in the seals located by the pump itself.

An air leak forces your pump to work harder, putting additional strain on its moving parts. As part of our pool pump service and repair program, we always check the seals and O-rings to ensure an airtight connection between your pump and the swimming pool, which will extend the lifespan of your pool pump.

Even the best-maintained pool pump has a dedicated lifespan of up to 10 years. As the pump gets older, it becomes less effective, consumes extra energy, and doesn’t produce the same results as before.

In such cases, Perth pool pump repairs may not be the right solution. Replacing your pump entirely can help alleviate any symptoms of a non-functioning pool pump, as well as saving money on your electricity bill and cleaning your swimming pool more effectively. At 1 Poolcare ur vans are also stacked with all the latest and greatest spare parts, because of this our team can easily fix pool maintenance they may encounter.

before your pool servicing appointment –

  • Remove any pool covers if possible
  • Ensure the pool has water for operation.
  • Backwashing may be required so the pool water level will need to be higher than usual.
  • Detail any problems or issues you may have been having and chemicals that may have been added to the pool.
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Types of Pool Pump Repairs

Swimming Pool Pump Motor Repair

The pool pumps motor is the hardest-working part of the system and commonly fails due to wear and tear or poor water balance. At 1 Pool Care, we have the expertise to help you choose the best motor for your system and pool and keep it in top condition for years to come.

Swimming Pool Filter Replacement

While not technically part of your pool pump, a clogged filter puts immense strain on your pump, leading to more frequent failures and repairs. As part of our swimming pool equipment repair schedule, we often change the filter to ensure you have a cleaner pool and a less hardworking pool pump.

Need a New Pool Pump?

Choose from a huge selection of pool pump brands including:

  • Astral Pool Pumps
  • Davey Pool Pumps
  • Zodiac Pool Pumps
  • Pentair Pool Pumps
  • Hayward Pool Pumps
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