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Taking care of a swimming pool can often feel like a second job that needs an advanced chemistry degree, especially if you have a pool chlorinator. If you’ve been frustrated by your green or murky water that refuses to clear up, it may be time to call in the professionals to help with your fresh and salt water chlorinator repairs needs throughtout Perth.

What Does Your Swimming Pool Chlorinator Do?

At its core a swimming pool chlorinators job is to produce chlorine, this helps maintain the correct sanitisation level by adding chlorine when necessary. Automatic chlorinators connect directly with the pool filter system and dispense the right amount of chlorine directly to the filtered water. 

 You get a much finer range of control than with traditional floating dispensers, which means that you’ll have crystal clear water without unpleasantly harsh water or leaving the pool smelling like bleach. The major drawback is refilling the chlorine drum, which requires undiluted chlorine. 

 An appealing alternative to automatic chlorinators is a salt chlorinator. It works on the same principle as an automatic pool chlorinator but uses pool salt rather than liquid chlorine. When working a salt chlorinator will raise your pool’s pH, so this may need to be monitored.

Signs Your Swimming Pools Needs Pool Chlorinator Repairs

Most people don’t think about their pool chlorinator until their water goes green. Both ordinary automatic chlorinators and salt chlorinators need regular maintenance to function optimally.

The most obvious signs that need chlorinator needs repair is that the water discolouration happens and pH imbalance. You may also notice too much chlorine in your pool, which leads to stinging eyes, dry skin and hair, and the overwhelming smell of excess chlorine or chloramines.

Instead of adding more chlorine in the hopes of clearing up your water, call a professional. We’ve worked with hundreds of pool chlorinators and know how to fix common and uncommon issues alike.

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Our Chlorinator Repair Process

When you give us a call, we’ll send out a pool repair technician as soon as possible. They’ll evaluate your pool’s condition and look at all your pool equipment, including the chlorinator and pump. 

 If we decide that your chlorinator needs a repair in Perth, or if there’s another issue that needs addressing, we’ll let you know immediately. Our team has all the spare parts you need, so our technician will not only be able to provide you with an up-front quote to help you make an informed decision we can fix issues on the spot. We will never proceed further without your approval.

 In many cases, repairs of a chlorinator are straightforward. However, there are some instances where it may be better to replace your existing model with something newer or better suited to your pool. We will discuss your options and help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean with Regular Maintenance

Like other pool equipment repairs, the best way to avoid expensive pool chlorinator repairs in Perth is regular maintenance. Pool chlorinators contain corrosive materials that can lead to worn O-rings and other small issues affecting their performance.

Regular servicing ensures that your pool has the correct chlorine and salt level for an enjoyable pool experience and that all parts are working as intended. These services also allow us to identify any potential concerns and address them before they become expensive problems. 

Helpful Guide – How to Add Saly To Your Pool

 If you want clear water year-round, then investing in regular maintenance is your first step. Having a well-functioning chlorinator means that you don’t have to shock your pool or deal with unwanted algal blooms or potentially dangerous bacteria in your water. 

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