Pool Chlorinator Repairs Perth

An essential part of the swimming pool, this piece of equipment can have a few functions.

A chlorinator not only produces or adds chlorine, they control it or maintain the range of sanitization required for your pool.

If you add auxiliary features like a pool light, pH control and pool pump operation then you can now see the extent of work and control it has to do. Not only to produce chlorine.

So, when exposed to environmental conditions this essential piece of equipment can become damaged and will require maintenance or service to ensure that the swimming pool is sanitized and safe to swim in.

A variety of chlorinators are available and each brand can differ slightly in their functionality and control. This requires an assessment to diagnose any faults and the possibilities of repair or replacement to keep your water balance on track.

1 Pool Care have access to all the brands and spare parts to keep the pool water sanitized and healthy to swim in, so give us a call today.

Salt Water Chlorinator Repairs

The most popular is a salt water chlorinator here in Perth and through out Australia for your swimming pool sanitization.

There are three parts to a salt chlorinator, the chlorinator unit, salt cell and salt level within the pool. All required to produce the necessary electrolysis and chlorine output through the salt water cell.

Most pool owners don’t realise that if this is not maintained correctly or serviced and an element is not working when required, then you are soon in trouble with the pool going cloudy or green.

So service and correct maintenance is essential and it’s never a case of guessing or adding pool salt randomly as we are commonly told by pool owners.

Our technicians are experienced in salt water chlorinator repairs and have the expertise to guide you through the service times that are required to avoid an expensive repair.

Our Pool Services Includes

Initial Surface Skim

Vacuum the pool, empty
baskets & pool sweep bag

Brush down the pool surface

Empty pump basket

Backwash filter (scheduled)

General equipment checks
for optimal operation

Check for leaks

General clean of
equipment area

Complete water testing

Check chemical balance

Final pool check over &
surface skim

Familiar with all reputable pool equipment

1 Pool Care have all the salt water chlorinators, pool pumps and filters you need, all the top brands and expert advice.

If you are not sure from your salt chlorinator to your mineral chlorinator, then maybe it’s time to ask for some help.

Unsure if you need repair or replacement then we will give you honest and trustworthy information for you to make an informed decision and we can supply you with a service or brand suited for your price or pool.

Ongoing Maintenance

All swimming pool equipment will require service especially to maintain the chlorine and sanitization required for safe swimming.

Whether this is salt, chlorine, mineral, ioniser or ozone, all need to be checked for their correct operation and inline with manufacturers instructions.

The chlorinators work hard and the salt cell especially during the heat of summer, so it is important that it is constantly checked for any deposits that can form on and around the the cell housing.

Deposits can be a sign of out of balance water and constant cleaning will possibly shorten the life of the cell and repair can be expensive.

To clean a chlorinators cell, firstly disconnect the electricity to the chlorinator and remove the salt cell from the cell housing and connections and place into a small jug suitable for salt cell cleaner.

This is a premixed solution used to remove any deposits around the cell plates and although corrosive will not damage the surrounding unit. Soak for a few minutes or until it is clean and wash through with fresh water. Replace in reverse order and re-connect the electricity and test for correct operation.

Contact the Pool Chlorinator Repair Specialists

Contact 1 Pool Care for all your chlorinator repairs as we are the specialists that have the qualifications and pool manufacturers on board to help you with best price and services, to keep your pool in tip top condition.

We treat your property like our own, so if you’re not sure where to start then leave it to us and our reliable technicians.

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