Salt Pool Chlorinators

Salt Pool Chlorinators

Salt Water Chlorinators Perth
Salt water chlorinators are a popular option for keeping your pool sanitised and free from harmful bacteria.

The salt pool chlorinator integrates with the pool equipment system and works to keep the pool water free from harmful bacteria and safe to swim in. As water passes through the salt cell a chemical reaction takes place and the chlorinated water returns to the pool

The salt in the pool water converts to chlorine,  by the process of electrolysis through the salt cell, sanitising your pool without you having to do any work. Despite having a sand filter in your filtration system, chlorine does not filter out of the water.

With pool chlorinators such as the Viron EQ, you don’t have to rely on a chlorinator alone. Wi-fi module technology and Apps allow you to operate your pool equipment from afar. Easy controls and advanced technology means you can set it and forget it with the benefit of automatically controlling your chlorine and pH levels, knowing your pool is always safe to swim in. Salt water chlorinators are also compatible for use with mineral additives, which are softer and less harsh on the skin. 1 Pool Care are the pool chlorinator Perth experts you have been looking for!


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If your pool needs deep cleaning and consistent maintenance, consider pool chlorinators and filters for your pool system. 1 PoolCare has an extensive inventory.  PoolCare can help you determine the best filter type for your needs and help you find a suitable chlorination unit for ultimate sanitation. With technological advancements spreading to pool equipment, finding a system that fits your needs is challenging. We make it easy with our streamlined process and friendly pool equipment experts as our pool professionals have significant in-field experience and educational training to find a model that doesn’t exceed your budget.

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