Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Pool Filters
Cartridge filters are probably the most popular type of pool filter. Manufacturers sell many different types of filter cartridges, but all of them consist of a special material in the cartridge that traps debris. Most cartridge filters use a polyester film with a PVC core to filter dirt and other debris.

Cartridge filters are highly effective and easy to clean. A typical cartridge filter needs cleaning about one to two times a month, which can make them labour intensive. Cartridge filters can last upwards of 2-3 years if you remember to clean and degrease them regularly. 

Cartridge filters can filter much more dirt and debris than sand filters, but they can also be more expensive and require more maintenance. They work best in smaller pools.


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If your pool needs deep cleaning and consistent maintenance, consider pool chlorinators and filters for your pool system. 1 PoolCare has an extensive inventory.  PoolCare can help you determine the best filter type for your needs and help you find a suitable chlorination unit for ultimate sanitation. With technological advancements spreading to pool equipment, finding a system that fits your needs is challenging. We make it easy with our streamlined process and friendly pool equipment experts as our pool professionals have significant in-field experience and educational training to find a model that doesn’t exceed your budget.

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