Astral ZX150

Astral ZX150

Astral ZX cartridge filters provide impressive performance and efficiency for pool owners as well as additional antimicrobial elements for optimal sanitisation. A ZX cartridge filter provides superior filtration to that of a sand filter or older cartridge filters while also requiring significantly less maintenance. ZX filters also offer fast installation and impressively long life, making the Hurlcon ZX150 an excellent option for any pool owner.


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What Makes the Hurlcon ZX150 an Excellent Filtration Option?

Filtration systems are crucial pool supplies because they ensure that the water in your pool is always clean and safe to use. These systems force water through pleats that remove contaminants from the water. Therefore, systems with more pleats will generally more effectively clean your pool than other systems.

The Hurlcon ZX150 is an excellent and affordable cartridge filter that works for any size pool. This system handles both filtration and water disposal, so a ZX cartridge filter can significantly reduce the burden of maintaining your pool.

With an oil-filled pressure gauge, large lock ring, and sturdy barrel union connections, the Hurlcon ZX150 has the durability and features that pool owners look for in a cartridge filter. These systems don’t need a back washing line to connect to the filter body, further simplifying cleaning and maintenance. 

Additionally, the Astral Hurlcon can make it easy to reduce your environmental impact and comply with water restrictions and regulations regarding waste water disposal.


If you're interested in purchasing an Astral Hurlcon Zx150 for your pool in Perth, the team at 1 Pool Care can help make the process a breeze. As a pool shop and installation company, we carry a range of pool supplies and can help you find the ideal cartridge filter for your residential pool, making sure it is operating at peak efficiency.
Another appealing feature of the Astral ZX150 is the inclusion of antimicrobial elements to combat the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in your pool. Controlling these organisms is crucial to keeping your pool clean. This cartridge filter helps keep those who use your pool safe.

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Maintaining your pool can be stressful, but the reward of having an enjoyable place to escape the heat and spend time with your loved ones makes it worth the work. A new filtration system can make things much easier, so call 1 Pool Care at 0456 75 75 75 to schedule the installation of your Astral Hurlcon ZX150 today.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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