Astral Pool CTX 400C

Astral Pool CTX 400C

The AstralPool CTX 400C is a 1.5-horsepower pool pump ideal for residential and commercial applications. Its versatility and rugged construction give you ample power for spa jets and other high-performance needs. The unit offers excellent high-pressure filtration, resulting in less power usage with more water pumping, and is suitable for pools across Australia, Europe, and beyond. 


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Installing Your CTX 400C

Installing the AstralPool’s CTX 400C eliminates your need for frequent pool maintenance. With durable materials and flexible uses, the CTX 400C is easy to install. Professionals from the 1 Pool Care store have the expertise you need for a safe, effective, and accurate pool pump installation.

We can install the CTX 400C quickly and safely. Residential pool owners looking to save money and benefit from its incredible reliability should choose this model and can contact us today for more information. Whether you own a pool or spa, our store offers quality solutions for pool filtration, safety, comfort, and more.


The AstralPool CTX 400C pool pump has minimal settings for easy use. With no fancy buttons to operate, using the CTX 400C is a breeze. It's quiet operation also means you won't disrupt your neighbours, family members, or spa customers.
The unit’s large lint pot means you can perform less frequent cleaning and still enjoy clean water for swimming and relaxing. Measure your pool pump needs, then choose from three different AstralPool pool pump size options in-store.
This high-efficiency device provides lower electricity costs for those in search of more savings. Homeowners can run this pump for fewer hours and get the same excellent results they expect. No matter the pool environment, you'll get high-quality performance.

Need more Information on the Astral Pool CTX 400C

For additional information on the Astral Pool CTX 400C, other pool pumps, or the services we offer, contact 1 Pool Care team’s store. Our professionals can explain the benefits of using a pool pump and help you select the more options for your pool cleaning requirements. No matter your pool’s size or cleaning needs, we sell the proper equipment.

Let 1 Pool Care in Perth, Western Australia, help you compare the AstralPool CTX 400C with our other top pool pumps and filtration systems. Browse our extensive product categories, then call our friendly pool experts today at 0456 75 75 75 to begin your search.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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