Chemigem D10V

Emphasising flexibility, the Chemigem D10V is an excellent choice for domestic pools of various sizes. The Chemigem D10 grants absolute control over your water sanitation and pH levels. Maintain optimum water quality using the Chemigem D10 for domestic or commercial applications.


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The Utmost Efficiency for Your Pool Water Chemistry in Perth

The main component of the Chemigem D10 is the multi-electrode application that allows it to analyse water quality. Unlike some hit-and-miss methods of the past, this innovative upgrade adds precise doses of chlorine only when needed.

Your Chemigem measures water quality and adds the necessary chlorine and acid, allowing you and your family to swim safely. With this automatic regulation, you won’t need to worry about your pool water sanitisation ever again.

Chemigen’s chemical dosing systems also mean they use less chlorine and acid, allowing you to reap the best results while you save money.


Offers pH and chlorine control A transparent manifold Adds precise doses of chlorine via peristaltic pumps or solenoid valves. The Chemigem D10V model received the SPASA Product Sustainability Award.
The Chemigem D10V's continuous operation allows a pool owner to maintain optimum water quality. As long as your pump runs, your Chemigem D10 will continue to analyse water quality and your pool chemistry and add the necessary chlorine and acid. Your Chemigem measures pH levels and can add chemicals 30 times or more during a single hour. With the peace of mind that automation brings, you can forget about hit-and-miss methods for an elegant water sanitation solution. The Chemigen D10V's efficient process ensures that your ORP and pH levels remain within a safe range. This solution is ideal for domestic and commercial pools and allows for plenty of customisation.
The Chemigem D10 utilises an innovative FLASH processor to monitor your pool. This feature allows you to track your pool's water quality via an LCD and see how your Chemigem D10 handles the process.
The Chemigem D10 allows you to control your pool lights automatically. You can quickly turn all pool lights on and off using a timer outlet.
There are different Chemigem models to choose from that allow compatibility with various systems. For example, the Chemigem D10V is compatible with heating, energy-saving pumps, and in-floor cleaning systems.

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The Chemigem D10 is an advanced sanitising water solution excellent at maintaining your ORP and pH levels. Discover more about Chemigem D10 when you call 1 Pool Care at 0456 75 75 75


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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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