CM55 Commercial Controller

CM55 Commercial Controller

The CM55 Commercial Controller is a device that uses the latest technology to deliver precise doses of chlorine. Sanitizing with peristaltic pumps—particularly the new pulse pumps like the Chemigem CM55—is one of the most accurate dosing methods for sanitizing commercial and semi-commercial pools.


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Why Choose the Chemigem CM55?

Chemigem is a leading provider of dosing pumps and sanitisation controllers. The Chemigen CM55 Commercial Controller is an excellent option for pool maintenance for many reasons, including:


The Chemigem CM55 has a commercial injection valve that delivers accurate doses of the required chemicals that keep your pool safe and attractive to your guests.

Integrated pH Control

The Chemigem CM55 is a pH controller and a sanitization device. The pH controller precisely measures the actual value of the acidity in your pool water and precisely delivers muriatic acid or other chemicals.


Commercial pool controls depend on sophisticated electrical equipment. The Chemigem CM55 includes the following cutting-edge technology:
The injection manifold consists of the tubes that deliver the chemicals at precise flow rates.
Modern pool controls depend on the smooth flow of chemicals into the water. The injection valve allows chemicals into pool water smoothly and effectively at quantities that enable them to chlorinate high-volume pools for commercial applications.
A solenoid is a plunger that moves under electric control. The sensitivity of solenoids to electric current allows the Chemigem CM55 to achieve a level of precision that leaves other pool controls behind.
The motive force in the Chemigem CM55 comes from peristaltic dosing pumps, which can deliver up to three bars of pressure, allowing chemicals to enter the water rapidly. The two highly efficient solenoid valves and the commercial injection manifold in the Chemigem CM55 make it one of the most effective dosing pumps on the market. It is perfect for commercial applications such as sanitizing larger multi-lane pools that serve many guests at once.
You can use the CM55 for a variety of semi-commercial applications such as: Apartments Condominiums Hotels Bed and breakfasts If you offer your guests use of a pool, they trust you to keep the water clean, clear, and hygienic. Don't risk damaging your reputation with a pool chlorination and sanitisation system that doesn't do the job.

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1 Pool Care provides high-end pool controls, including the CM55 Commercial Controller, at affordable prices for Perth and the surrounding area. To schedule ongoing maintenance of your Chemigem CM55 pump, get help with any technical issues, and obtain spare parts for repairs, contact us at 0456 75 75 75


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