The Dolphin E 10 provides a compact option if you’re looking through robotic pool cleaners in Perth. It comes with all-terrain PVC brushes that have active scrubbing technology. The system comes with a two-year limited warranty and only weighs 6.5 kgs. Expect your cleaning cycle to take around 1.5 hours with the Dolphin E 10. The system has an easy clean filtration system that opens from the top, making it easy for you to clean the little scrubber out. You may purchase an optional caddy for this piece of pool equipment.


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Usage Recommendations

The ideal pool length for the Dolphin E10 is up to 8 meters and works well in most small pools. The 12-meter optional cable is long enough, so it has ample range when moving away from the power supply. At just a bit over six kilograms, the unit is easy to maneuver and store.


The Dolphin automatically navigates your pool floor to find the most efficient route for cleaning and can cut through tough grime on the pool floor. The E10 features durable PVC scrubbing brushes that can have your pool cleaned thoroughly after just one pass.
The E10 features a convenient top access filtration system that makes cleaning the water filtration system a breeze. Simply open the top near the power supply connector, remove the filter basket canister, and hose it out after each use.
Water can infiltrate the unit during operation, making it heavier and more challenging to remove after its cycle. The Dolphin E10 features a simple, quick water release system to empty the central chamber when it finishes cleaning. Just pull the switch near the top, and the bottom will open, releasing any stored water.
The Dolphin E10 compact robotic pool cleaner also has a durable tractor tread system for enhanced mobility. The long-lasting treads keep traction on the pool floor and even allow the unit to climb walls and stairs.
Last but not least, the Dolphin excels in portability with its low weight. At just over six kilograms, you can easily pick up and move the unit with little trouble. Its light weight also makes storage and transportation easier.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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