Eco Pool Pump

Eco Pool Pump

The Onga / Pantera Eco Pool Pump is an intelligent, variable-speed pool pump offering continuous operation, a superior hydraulic design, extended pump life, and many cost benefits. Perth homeowners and spas looking for PPP pumps should consider this Pantera PPP energy-efficiency pool pump. It can deliver effortless performance, energy savings, and help you discover the most practical settings for your pool.


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Replace your traditional single-speed pump with Onga’s Pantera PPP energy-efficient model, and trust our team for the best installation job. When you need a variable-speed, PPP energy-efficient pump with a fault-protected motor, the Onga / Pantera Eco is a great way to reduce utility bill expenses automatically. 1 Pool Care Our experts provide accurate installations and offer an excellent price guarantee on pool pumps and spa products, including the Onga / Pantera Eco pump.


This pump is easy to operate and incredibly quiet thanks to low noise levels. Easily select the best setting in seconds and enjoy a cleaner pool that meets your water feature requirements. A thick sound-dampening pump casing keeps its operation super quiet.
The unit's high-capacity canister holds debris, insects, and contaminants as your pool filters. Consider this pump to automatically reduce your pool maintenance requirements when you effortlessly select the most efficient setting for cleaning.
An axial flux, brushless permanent magnet motor makes energy-efficient pool pump operation, making the Onga LTP and PPP energy-efficient variable speed pump unit a long-lasting performer. Its quick-disconnect plumbing unions and strong composite resin materials are ideal for pools with askew plumbing in the hottest climates. Precision-fit internal components prevent severe water damage.
Rated eight stars, the Onga / Pantera pump's energy-efficient setting allows you to save significantly on future energy costs. It offers pool owners a proven track record of reliability, automatically shutting off when detecting a locked rotor under voltage, over temperature condition issues, and more.

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1 Pool Care is your leader in pool equipment retail and pool supplies and can determine if the Onga / Pantera Eco Pool Pump suits your pool needs. Consider an Onga / Pantera pump for your residential or commercial pool. Give us your contact details and discuss your pump needs in Perth or the surrounding area when you e-mail or call our pool experts at 0456 75 75 75.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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