eXO Large Pool Chlorinator

eXO Large Pool Chlorinator

The eXo Large Pool Chlorinator will help you regulate the chlorine and quality of your water. You can control the speed of your pool pumps and monitor the chlorine and pH levels. As a result, your pool water will be healthy for your skin and feel amazing. Salt chlorinators are ideal for pool owners who want effortless and clean pool water. The process of salt chlorination involves using pool salt and a cell, which is converted into available chlorine, removing bacteria and other pollutants from the water. The resulting water is clear and odour-free, making it an excellent choice for swimming.


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More Than Normal Pool Salt chlorination

Salt chlorination is a popular method for cleaning swimming pools, as it produces clean, smooth water without harsh chemicals. Salt chlorination destroys water pathogens, including bacteria, fungus, and parasites. It is also effective at removing green algae, which can cause cloudy swimming conditions and a bad feel to the water. Salt water chlorinators can reduce the occurrence of eye and skin irritation by oxidising organic matter and bacteria from your pool water. Individuals sensitive to chlorine should consider using a salt chlorinator when swimming. The eXO iQ Chlorinator removes these allergens from your water when used with a mineral blend. Also, salt chlorination helps control chemical reactions that can produce unwanted odours in the water.


The eXO Large Pool Chlorinator integrates seamlessly with several smart tech devices. For example, you can control your pool pumps and pool heating from your smart device. Pool owners can use the iAquaLink app to control their pool water remotely. Your salt chlorinator can regulate the chlorine levels in your residential or commercial pool in Australia.
The eXO Salt Chlorinator automatically gauges the temperature of your water. Plus, your chlorinator cell will not overwork itself. Instead, it will find the optimal chlorine production amount for your water. Therefore, its energy conservation abilities can help lower your energy bills.
The eXO Salt Chlorinator features a long-lasting Reverse Polarity cell, allowing you to get many years out of your chlorinator cell. Combining this cell with digital technology can help automate your pool experience, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your swimming area.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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