FloPro 1.0HP

FloPro 1.0HP

The Zodiac FloPro is a powerful pump with an original adjustable base design for manageable installation. This compact pool pump is excellent for a tight equipment space but doesn’t sacrifice flow dynamics for a smaller size.

It has corrosion-resistant metal parts and quality Noryl plastic that’s popular within the car industry for its durability. The FloPro 1.0 is available in-store and is a high-performance pool pump specifically designed for Australian conditions. Unlike other pumps available in-store, this model includes a mechanical seal two-year warranty.


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Maintaining Your Pool Is a Breeze With Our FloPro 1.0 HP Pool Pump Installation

A proper pump is a must-have if you desire a quiet, energy-efficient, high-performance pool. It’s the best way to ensure consistent water circulation for pool health. However, having the right pool supplies is only one aspect of pool maintenance.

1 Pool Care in Perth offers quality in-store pool equipment, including the Zodiac FloPro pool pump. Our pool service experts can create a maintenance routine so you can have hassle-free enjoyment and reliable performance of your pool.


Maintaining and installing Zodiac's FloPro pool pump is straightforward, thanks to its ergonomic cam-lock lid with easy alignment indicators, grabbable handle pump brackets, and a clear lidded basket.
The FloPro pump features 50mm barrel unions for increased water flow, resulting in exceptional water circulation without incurring high energy costs. The powerful, increased water flow leads to better performance than many other options available in-store.
The FloPro pool pump controls its flow dynamics. The components, including a powerful motor in a large capacitor, produce less noise inside the pump, resulting in quiet operation.
Not only does the Zodiac FloPro pump offer quiet operation, but it also has reliable performance and energy efficiency because of its superior construction, innovative design, and high-quality parts. This pool pump features benefits that ensure consistent performance without excessive energy consumption.

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1 Pool Care will ensure maintenance and everyday use of your pool are a sure thing. We are pool equipment experts in Perth, offering the Zodiac FloPro pool pump. We can also service your existing FloPro pool pump or any other brand to keep your pool water clean, clear, and healthy.

Learn more about the Zodiac FloPro 1.0 HP pool pump or request expert pool maintenance from 1 Pool Care by calling 0456 75 75 75.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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