FreeFlo Salt Chlorinator

FreeFlo Salt Chlorinator

The FreeFlo Salt Chlorinator is an alternative to conventional chlorination that capitalises on the chlorine in ordinary salt. The pool care experts from 1 Pool Care want business owners to save money and achieve more effective pool sanitisation without overstretching their budgets.


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How Salt Chlorination Keeps Pool Water Sparkling Clean

A salt chlorinator delivers precise concentrations without requiring owners to purchase a reactive and potentially dangerous chemical. A safety-conscious and budget-conscious pool owner has two compelling reasons to invest in a reliable, top-quality salt chlorinator. By creating chlorine from salt, you save yourself the hassle and expense of storing all the chlorine. By generating the chlorine when you need it, a salt chlorinator can regulate the concentration with more precision than manually adding chlorine to pool water.


Table salt contains two types of atoms: sodium and chlorine. As the salt dissolves in water, the atoms separate, becoming ions. Chlorine ions have a negative charge, while sodium ions are positive. An electric field easily separates the ions within the chlorinator cell. A salt chlorinator lets you generate chlorine within saltwater as you need it, rather than pouring the chemical into your water.
The FreeFlo Salt Chlorinator is an efficient, precisely calibrated device that uses low, safe levels of electricity to generate chlorine from common table salt. The device can handle even the toughest pool conditions.
The FreeFlo depends on a steady supply of power. Fortunately, the FreeFlo salt chlorinator has a convenient power pack with a three-year warranty.
The FreeFlo salt chlorinator is a simple, reliable device to keep your pool clean. It uses electricity and has few moving parts to break down or wear out. The device comes with a weather shield to protect it from the elements and a long-lasting titanium cell.
FreeFlo is a quality product of Australia.
The FreeFlo is self-cleaning. Replenish the salt periodically with a simple, trouble-free service. Its low salt operation allows you to run the chlorinator without using large quantities of salt. FreeFlo backs up its product with a five-year warranty.

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The FreeFlo is not the only quality piece of pool equipment that you can find at 1 Pool Care. We stock the latest pool controls, sanitisation devices, and chemicals, and we also provide trouble-free service and maintenance in Perth, Australia. For expert advice, precision equipment, chlorinator cell replacement, and dependable service from top-notch technicians, call 1 Pool Care at 0456 75 75 75 today.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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