Halo 25 Pool Chlorinator

Halo 25 Pool Chlorinator

The Halo 25 Pool Chlorinator is a cost-effective solution that removes bacteria and organic matter from your water with the capability to add additional controls and features. Chlorinators are essential for swimming pool owners whether they use their pool frequently or not. Bacterial growth will start and the transmission of water-borne disease will occur if the water is not sanitised. Pool owners should consider purchasing a salt chlorinator to maintain optimal water quality and swimming conditions. Salt water chlorinators have several benefits over other pool sanitisation methods.


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Why Salt Chlorinators?

The chlorine you use to sanitise your pool kills most bacteria, but some will always survive. A salt cell chlorinator injects a continuous stream of chlorine into the water. This chlorine will inhibit the growth of bacteria, once the salt level is adjusted to the correct level.

Another reason for using a salt chlorinator is that they are relatively easy to maintain and simplify pool maintenance on a daily basis, without the need to manually add chlorine.

salt chlorinator can be adjusted easily and will add the right amount of chloride to the water, making it safe for swimming. They can also have probes added which will automatically control the chlorine and pH levels.


The Astral Halo Salt Chlorinator is Bluetooth and Wifi enabled, allowing you to wirelessly connect to the chlorinator and probes if installed. Using the halo connect system, it enables smartphone connectivity that gives you full control of your Halo pool equipment from anywhere in the world.
The Astral Halo offers several upgrade components to enhance your pool automation experience. You can purchase an energy-efficient variable-speed pool pump with ORP and pH sensors to control all your pool automation and pool sanitation, from your smart phone connectivity or other smart devices. Reducing energy costs whilst still maintaining the pool water quality.
One of the benefits of using a Halo Pool Chlorinator is that it is safe for children and pets. The Halo Pool Chlorinator has a patented technology. Therefore, children and pets can safely play while you chlorinate your pool.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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