IntelliChem Chemical Controller

IntelliChem Chemical Controller

The IntelliChem Chemical controller is a precision device that monitors and maintains a pool’s level of chlorine and pH by delivering exact concentrations of chlorine, acid, and other required chemicals to the pool as needed. Having an IntelliChem Chemical Controller saves you from manually checking the chemical levels.


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Sanitising Your Swimming Pool Water with IntelliChem

The IntelliChem Chemical Controller is ideal for semi-commercial applications such as amenities in apartment complexes and hotels. The device can handle large volumes of water, so you can open your pool to many guests and provide them with a sanitary and enjoyable experience.Some people believe they save money with DIY chemicals. Considering the potential liability and labour cost involved in managing sanitisation by hand, the IntelliChem chemical controller is clearly the better option. When you installed a pool on your property, did you spend time and money getting the right tile, the best sealants, a top-of-the-line filter, and the right decor and lighting? Don’t risk ruining your perfect pool installation. Let 1 Pool Care give you the tools you need to protect your investment, including the IntelliChem Chemical Controller.


A high-quality chemical controller such as the IntelliChem offers benefits that affect the bottom line of small business owners. The durable and professionally calibrated device takes the guesswork out of managing a pool and reduces the risk of problems that can damage the reputation of semi-commercial pool owners.
If you add more chemicals to your pool than you need, your money literally goes down the drain. A chemical controller adds just the right amount. An IntelliChem controller can save you money by protecting your valuable filter and other equipment from acid damage.
Adding chemicals to your pool can be a chore, and test kits might not always give correct readings. IntelliChem controllers assist pool owners by maintaining sanitizing levels of chlorine and pH levels. They are low-maintenance, meaning you don't have to fill an acid tank or store chlorine manually.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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