Intelliflo 2 VSF

Intelliflo 2 VSF

The Pentair Intelliflo 2 VSF Variable Speed is a pool pump offering varying speed and flow during the entire filtration cycle. In addition to relying on a pre-programmed flow rate, it allows for incredibly efficient operation as the pump automatically adjusts flow settings to provide peak performance during pool filtration, and offers more advantages than conventional single-speed pumps. With accessible control features, non-disruptive operation, high durability, and more, there are many reasons to purchase it.


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Those with the Intelliflo VSF pump will enjoy boosted energy savings, better water clarity, a long life, and no more guesswork with flow control. Experience increased energy savings with the 1 Pool Care team and skip getting two-speed pumps. Determine whether a variable-speed pool pump from Pentair is suitable for your pool needs and enjoy a pool pump with cruise control.


Variable speed and flow aren't the only notable features of this swimming pool pump. Several features make the Pentair Intelliflow 2 VSF Variable Speed pump suitable for residential and commercial pool applications. Operation is effortless thanks to the unit's keypad control and optional wall mount kit sold separately.
Eight programmable speed options are available to help set desired priming speed and pre-programmed flow rate for your water features and pump speed demand applications. Advanced scheduling for flow conditions helps match system flow requirements when you're not around. Low speeds and a time clock with a battery back up also allow you to use the Intelliflo 2 as a standalone pump.
The unit's large-capacity filtration leads to increased performance and an interior fan in a full enclosure helps maintain ultra energy-efficient, quiet operation. Quality construction makes the unit weather-resistant, compatible with many Pentair automation systems, and offers precise flow. The unit is excellent for not only pool filtration but also in-floor cleaning and spa jets.

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If you’re interested in a VSF variable speed pool and its benefits, the Pentair Intelliflo 2 VSF Variable Speed and Flow Pump is the first variable-speed, Energy Star-certified unit you need. You can discuss your residential or commercial requirements with the licensed, insured 1 Pool Care professionals in Perth, WA. Contact our team today at 0456 75 75 75 when buying or selling variable speed pump units.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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