Ozone Series 1200i / 1200it

Ozone Series 1200i / 1200it

Ozone treatment disinfects water without chlorination, allowing you to achieve crystal clear water without expensive and dangerous chemicals. The Ozone Series 1200i / 1200iT and similar ozone generators disinfect water without dependence on chlorine. Other dosing systems can make the chlorination process more efficient and reduce the need for chlorine.


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How Ozone Works

Ozone is a form of oxygen with three oxygen molecules joined together rather than the usual two. Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, and other impurities in water that cause disease.

The Ozone Series 1200i / 1200iT versus other Chemical Dosing Systems

Owners of commercial and semi-commercial pools have many water sanitation options. Working in conjunction with automated tablet feeders, pool chemical controllers, and pool service contracts, ozone generators provide reliable sanitation for pools and water features of any size. Whereas other machines require a mixture of chemicals that can be difficult to remember or get ahold of, the Ozone Series utilises natural ozone, which you never have to resupply.


High chlorine levels cause red eyes and can irritate some skin conditions like eczema. Chlorine produces by-products called chloramines. Chloramines are compounds of chlorine and nitrogen that can be dangerous at high concentrations. With the Ozone Swim 1200i, you can keep chlorine levels low. The purified water that the Ozone Swim 1200i creates is perfectly safe for your guests. Ozone breaks down naturally into normal oxygen over time. After the ozone treatment finishes, purified water is no different from ordinary water, except that the water is safe for swimming.
Ozone sanitation means you don't have to spend as much time monitoring your chlorine levels or spending money on tablet feeders or elaborate chemical dosing systems. Ozone generators create ozone with electricity and oxygen.
The Ozone Series 1200i / 1200iT uses low power and does not require you to store volatile chemicals. The ozone generator provides cost-effective sanitation for pools and water features. Inflation and increased chlorine demand during the summer months increased the cost of many pool chemicals. If you reduce chlorine levels, you won't have to pay inflated prices for pool sanitisation equipment such as a salt chlorinator.
The FreeFlo salt chlorinator is a simple, reliable device to keep your pool clean. It uses electricity and has few moving parts to break down or wear out. The device comes with a weather shield to protect it from the elements and a long-lasting titanium cell.
FreeFlo is a quality product of Australia.
The FreeFlo is self-cleaning. Replenish the salt periodically with a simple, trouble-free service. Its low salt operation allows you to run the chlorinator without using large quantities of salt. FreeFlo backs up its product with a five-year warranty.

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If you’re ready to reduce chlorine levels and harness the safe, effective power of ozone for your pool management, call 1Pool Care at 0456 75 75 75 and ask about the Ozone Swim 1200i equipment and maintenance. We offer the Ozone Series 1200i / 1200iT and other sanitisation equipment. Talk to us about your pool and learn how we can help you make your pool sanitisation process easier.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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