Ozone Series 1000/2000/3000

Ozone Series 1000/2000/3000

One of the most vital steps to keeping your pool healthy is disinfecting it regularly. Disinfecting your pool not only removes bacteria and other contaminants, but it also decreases the chance of someone getting sick from swimming in the pool. The Ozone Series 1000/2000/3000 can help you achieve crystal clear water and regulate your chlorine levels. Upon using Ozone Swim Fusion Series products, you will have noticeably softer water to swim in at your Perth, WA, home.


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What Is Ozone Swim?

The Ozone purification system is specialised in using ozone to kill bacteria and other contaminants in your pool. Ozone has been used in various industrial applications for many years. However, recent studies show that ozone is an effective way to sanitise swimming pools.

The Ozone Series 1000/2000/3000 uses a unique ozone generator to create Ozone in the pool water. This Ozone then kills all the germs and other contaminants present in the pool water. 

The sanitation system is easy to install and does not require any specialist tools. It is also efficient, killing 99% of germs in the pool within minutes. The Ozone swim purification system uses dead sea minerals to keep your swimming pool clean and odourless. 


Swimming in chlorinated water can cause itchy and red eyes. Fortunately, the Ozone Swim Series pool sanitiser can break down chloramines, decreasing the frequency of these problems. Also, the Ozone swim sanitiser leaves a refreshing scent in your swimming pool, eliminating the strong smell of chlorine.
Another benefit of ozone swim sanitisers is their antimicrobial properties. They can fight against fungi that cause skin problems, such as dermatitis. Also, ozone sanitation systems can kill potential germs before they have a chance to cause disease.
There are many benefits to salt chlorination, including reducing chloramines and pathogens. Chlorine will give you added protection against all the nasty bacteria in your pool but also allow a lower chlorine level to be maintained when using the Ozone system.

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An Ozone Swim Series oxidiser reduces maintenance in swimming pools and creates more efficient water filtration. These swim products can reduce pools’ chlorine levels by 80%. The Ozone swim sanitation system includes dead sea minerals that are perfect for Australian weather and can create healthier skin. This ingredient can also help ease muscle tension. Breathe fresher oxygen with an Ozone Series 1000/2000/3000. Call 1 Pool Care at 0456 75 75 75 to learn more about Ozone in Perth, WA. Our experts will recommend the best method you can use to sanitise your pool. 

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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