Polaris 3900S

Polaris 3900S

The Zodiac Polaris 3900S is a sport pressure pool cleaner ideal for fast, effective residential use. It provides highly-efficient cleaning capabilities suitable for all pool materials, sizes, and shapes. At 1 Pool Care, we can help pool owners develop a payment plan to acquire this top-of-the-line, max-efficiency model.

Installing Your Polaris 3900S Cleaner

A Polaris 3900S installation provides Western Australia residents with a stylish way to clean the entire surface of your in-ground pool. The 3900 Sport can clean your pool faster than traditional pressure cleaners.

The 1 Pool Care team understands your need for a knowledgeable installation and provides a detailed installation service for local residents. With assistance from our pool professionals, your installation is pain-free. We also have spare parts and other pool supplies at our store. Consider our installation service when you pay for your 3900S pool cleaner.


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If you’re looking for the Polaris 3900S, look no further than 1 Pool Care for the pressure cleaner and other pool supplies you need. We can provide expert insight into the benefits of the 3900S. Nothing matches the quality you’ll find at the 1 Pool Care store in Perth. Our store has the largest selection of cleaning systems in the area, including variable-speed pumps and suction cleaners for pools of all shapes and sizes.



The 3900 Sport Pressure Pool Cleaner features a dedicated booster pump that facilitates effortless movement by recycling water as wide tyres help the unit climb walls. Three vacuum jets provide extreme cleaning performance. You'll get significantly more power with the dedicated pump than your pool's original pump.
The Polaris 3900S also features a filter bag ideal for small to large debris. The bag holds up to five litres of garbage, meaning it can clean leaves, algae, insects, gravel, and other natural waste without making as many stops as units with smaller bags.
Many large pool cleaners have difficulty reaching tight spaces. The 3900 Sport features a sweep hose that simplifies the cleaning process. Cleaning becomes possible in corners and other hard-to-reach areas when you pay for this high-quality model.

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Let the 1 Pool Care professionals help you find the perfect solution by comparing the top Polaris pressure cleaner models, including the Zodiac Polaris 3900S cleaner. Begin the payment process for the Polaris 3900S today when you contact 1 Pool Care in Perth, WA, at 0456 75 75 75.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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