PowerFlo 2

PowerFlo 2

Not all pools require a high-performance pool pump. If you want to save money while still benefiting from efficient operation, consider the Hayward PowerFlo 2. Despite its small size, it offers impressive performance for its price.

Homeowners can choose between four different PowerFlo II models depending on their horsepower requirements. They add excellent benefits, including easy maintenance, low energy costs, and ample filtration power. Consider options between ½ HP and 1 ½ HP for above-ground and other small pools.


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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

Improving Pool Conditions With the PowerFlo II

Whether updating your pool’s pump to a more efficient model or replacing a broken unit, our team provides high-quality, individualised support. No job is too difficult for us. We perform precise PowerFlo 2 installations and maintenance in Perth and the surrounding areas.

No matter the service you need, we’ll help improve your pool’s condition and ensure the water stays comfortable and free of debris.

Our pool pump installations are fast and affordable. We follow a streamlined list of maintenance tasks to keep your unit in excellent shape, and we’ll catch problems before they worsen and resolve serious issues promptly.


The motor offers quiet operation despite being heavy-duty. Self-priming functions expel air still inside the unit.
A see-through basket cover allows you to easily determine when it's time for pump cleaning.
Thanks to an extra large basket on the PowerFlo II, you can wait longer between pool pump cleaning and maintenance.

Need more Information on the PowerFlo 2

The PowerFlo 2 offers advanced features standard with more expensive, high-performance pool pumps. The following features make it ideal for above and in-ground pools, spas, and other water features.

If you’re prepared to install a Hayward PowerFlo 2 or your current PowerFlo II needs maintenance, the 1 Pool Care team is ready to assist you. Our friendly, detail-oriented pool professionals leave no stone unturned during your appointment.

We can help you understand the differences between PowerFlo 2 models and select the best option based on the size of your pool, how frequently you use it, and other factors.

Contact 1 Pool Care for a consultation session. Share your current pool pump details with us, and we’ll help you explore whether the Hayward PowerFlo II is the right option for your pool. Call our reliable pool technicians today in Perth, WA, at 0456 75 75 75.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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