Some commercial and residential pool applications require high-performance SuperFlo pumps. It can be challenging to save money without sacrificing performance, but Pentair SuperFlo high performance pumps have a lower operating cost. The Pentair SuperFlow High Performance Pool Pump is a leading solution for inground pools across Australia, whether you want to leave a small footprint or ensure superior quality.

When you need DOE-compliant options, Pentair pool pumps are a wise pump investment for their superior internal flow design, silent operation, and super energy-efficient performance. The new and improved SuperFlo pump meets all the criteria for efficient motors.


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More on the Pentair SuperFlo High-Performance Pump

High-performance, heavy-duty options require less effort to pump water, resulting in less wear and tear and superior pool performance.

While many single-speed pump models offer compelling components and characteristics, the SuperFlo features thick-walled body parts, equipment pad compatibility, impressive horsepower, innovative materials, and other features that make it an ideal new pump.


Your first pump should last for years, thanks to durable internal slip and external slip fittings. Specifically designed, durable housing reduces hydraulic noise from the heavy-duty motor and protects the self-priming unit, contributing to a longer life with reduced operating costs.
The SuperFlo compatibility features minimize installation time. Your SuperFlo pump drops into a compact equipment pad for a balanced flow with an easy-start-up process and a lasting foundation.
Pentair SuperFlo High-Performance pumps provide significantly improved energy efficiency thanks to parts that optimize hydraulic horsepower. The pressure-tested, 56-square flange motor extends the unit's lifespan and provides top-quality performance.
SuperFlo's silent running capability is a feature preventing you from disrupting your environment. As this high-performance option runs, you'll notice its super quiet operation, making it the perfect water feature pump—and it's much quieter than the Hayward Super Pump.

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At 1 Pool Care, we understand your need for a superior replacement when replacing older technology with commercial-grade, DOE-compliant pumps. We have experience performing the most demanding installations. No matter your pool pump needs, we can install a Pentair Superflow High-Performance pump at a reasonable consumer price.

Commercial and residential pools accumulate dirt and debris easily, but you’re not out of luck with a high-performing pump. If you’re interested in learning more about Pentair SuperFlo high performance pumps available in Perth, contact the pool technicians at 1 Pool Care. We’ll answer your questions regarding pool pump installations and more. Call us today at 0456 75 75 75.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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