SWC Pool Chlorinator

SWC Pool Chlorinator

The new SWC range utilises the features of Pool Controls SG’s salt chlorinators while expanding their performance. With many sizes available, Perth residents will have no issue finding the right SWC salt water chlorinators to fit their pool’s needs. Bigger pools and pools with hotter water or increased bather loads typically require more consideration to sanitisation and turnover. Luckily, the SWC salt chlorinator handles larger pools easily.


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Streamline Cleaning Your Pool With These Salt Chlorinators Peak Performance

The SWC pool chlorinator carries the same features as the SG series chlorinators while utilising a new electrolytic cell design. These SWC salt water chlorinators come in various output sizes:

  • SWC 15g/hr
  • SWC 25g/hr
  • SWC 35g/hr
  • SWC 45g/hr
  • SWC 60g/hr

Heavyweights SWC 45 and SWC 60 remain ideal for pool owners who require huge chlorine demand. Manufactured and enclosed in metal, these two models withstand the harshest conditions. Additionally, these two models come with pH features already incorporated. The SWC 15, SWC 25 and SWC 35 come with optional pH upgrade systems.

Pool Controls makes every SWC salt chlorinator right here in Australia. So, you can feel good about shopping locally.


The SWC pool chlorinator makes cleaning your pool easy with its electrolytic-designed cell, which allows for peak performance and streamlines the pool maintenance process.
The SWC's reverse-polarity system automates the cleaning process, making this product an ideal piece of pool equipment for busy pool owners.
The Chemigem D10 utilises an innovative FLASH processor to monitor your pool. This feature allows you to track your pool's water quality via an LCD and see how your Chemigem D10 handles the process.
Maintaining an optimal pH range for your Perth pool ensures its health and longevity. To make this process easier, these quality salt chlorinators include an additional "plug-and-play" pH upgrade kit with a pH dosing system available for purchase. This upgrade kit is available for models SWC 15, SWC 25, and SWC 35 while already included in the bigger pool controls models, SWC 45 and SWC 60.
The optional pH system regulates your pool water pH levels using a separate peristaltic dosing pump. In addition, the higher SWC range models like SWC 60 come with an inbuilt algorithmic pH control system.

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Our team at 1 Pool Care will pair you with the proper salt chlorinator for all your needs. Learn more about the SWC pool chlorinator models when you call 0456 75 75 75!


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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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