The Astral Viron QT1050 Robotic Pool Cleaner uses Sensor Nav System Technology to learn your pool’s layout and create an optimized cleaning path. With patented cyclonic suction power and dual-stage filtration using 150µ/60µ filter canisters, this SPASA Australia Climate Clare Certified pool cleaner provides everything you need to keep your pool sparkling clean. When you need to check on your Virion QT 1050, LED illumination and a transparent window for the canister combine with easy pool removal through the Elevate/Life System to make your investigation easy. While the cleaner is busy doing its job, you can monitor and control it with the iAquaLink app.

Select an Ultra-Efficient and Efficient Cleaner for Your Pool in Perth

The Virion QT 1050 robotic pool cleaner provides an effortless system to handle pool cleaning throughout the Perth area. This cleaner uses the iSystem for effortless pool cleanup, keeping your outdoor space in great shape year-round.

The dual-stage filter does a great job collecting small and large debris into an in-system storage container. You may use one or both filters to get the most out of the Viron QT 1050.


We understand the potential frustration you could face if the system's cable gets tangled up. The 18m cable has a swivel mechanism to keep the robotic pool cleaner operating smoothly.
The Viron QT 1050 comes with smartphone connectivity through the iAquaLink app. This app allows you to issue remote controls to the cleaner and review its progress as it cleans your pool.
You don’t have to enter orders into the QT 1050 every day. Instead, take advantage of the system’s seven-day programming and timer to enter instructions in advance and then relax.
The Virion QT 1050 comes equipped with a patented sensor navigation system that allows it to learn the shape of your pool, effectively customizing the path it takes to clean. The system focuses on recognizing and analyzing your pool dimensions to devise and execute a personalized cleaning plan. Aside from handling all the common dirty areas of a pool, the Virion QT 1050 climbs the pool walls with a built-in pressure sensor to leave every surface pristine.
You can take advantage of the patented cyclonic suction features offered by the QT 1050. The system prevents clogging and increases efficiency by suspending debris inside the vacuum. These unique design features make pool cleaning far more effective for property owners in Perth.
You don't have to worry about struggling to remove the QT 1050 from your pool. The system comes with a patented lift system that allows it to climb right up to the waterline without requiring any physical assistance from you at all. It also uses water jets to eject extra water once it reaches the waterline, making it easier to lift out.
The iAquaLInk app provides you with a great way to control your pool filter from the comfort of your home or the poolside. You can track the progress of your pool cleaner through the app and control the cleaner remotely through the app. In addition, the system is upgradeable, making it easy to keep it up-to-date with the newest software. The iAquaLink app allows you to operate several different features. The smart cleaning mode allows the Virion QT 1050 to learn your pool and follow a predetermined cleaning path. For those who want a more hands-on approach, the remote control and seven day timers allow you to choose how and when your cleaner works. The Elevate system allows for easy pool removal for maintenance. The app also comes with a full-filter indicator. In addition, it allows you to select a cleaning mode, stop or start cleaning, and more.

Need more Information on the VIRON QT 1050

The Viron QT 1050 uses 150µ/60µ filter canisters to pick up all debris in your pool system. You may select a single filtration system using single 60μ, 100μ or 200μ filters. Find out more about the pump baskets and filter system on the QT 1050 by reaching out to us.

Our team at 1 PoolCare can discuss all the benefits of the Viron QT 1050. Find out more by calling us today at 0456 75 75 75.

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