Zodiac CS150

Zodiac CS150

The Zodiac CS150 cartridge filter is a perfect pool filtration solution for homeowners seeking a filter that can provide optimum filtration while remaining extremely water efficient. Zodiac Jandy is one of the most trusted manufacturers of pool supplies, and the Jandy CS150 is one of the best filtration set-ups for medium-sized residential pools. With more impressive performance and efficiency than standard sand pool filters, the CS150 cartridge filter is the ultimate pool filtration solution for many pool owners.


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How the Zodiac Jandy CS150 Can Provide Optimum Filtration

Filtration systems are crucial pool supplies because they ensure that the water in your pool is always clean and safe to use. These systems force water through pleats that remove contaminants from the water. Therefore, systems with more pleats will generally more effectively clean your pool than other systems.

The Hurlcon ZX150 is an excellent and affordable cartridge filter that works for any size pool. This system handles both filtration and water disposal, so a ZX cartridge filter can significantly reduce the burden of maintaining your pool.

With an oil-filled pressure gauge, large lock ring, and sturdy barrel union connections, the Hurlcon ZX150 has the durability and features that pool owners look for in a cartridge filter. These systems don’t need a back washing line to connect to the filter body, further simplifying cleaning and maintenance. 

Additionally, the Astral Hurlcon can make it easy to reduce your environmental impact and comply with water restrictions and regulations regarding waste water disposal.

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While owning a pool is incredibly rewarding, keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule can also be challenging. Falling behind on filter maintenance can cause significant issues, allowing bacteria or algae to grow in the pool, which can be challenging to address. Many homeowners struggle to adequately care for their pools on their own.

Fortunately, with a routine maintenance plan from 1 Pool Care, you can reduce stress and ensure your pool is always clean and ready to enjoy. We provide Perth residents with quality pool care services, including filtration system installation and maintenance, at fair and transparent prices.

When you hire 1 Pool Care to install a new cartridge filter or maintain your existing unit, we’ll handle the entire process. We have a wide range of filtration systems available in-store and can even provide you with an equipment pad for your filter, so we’re the perfect option for pool care and filter installation in Perth. If you’re ready to simplify your pool maintenance with a premium Zodiac Jandy cartridge filter, call 1 Pool Care at 0456 75 75 75 to speak to a helpful representative today.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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