Zodiac Ei Xpert Mid

Zodiac Ei Xpert Mid

The Zodiac Ei Xpert Mid is an inexpensive mid-size salt chlorinator that sports a durable design made with quality parts, allowing for easy installation, smooth operation, and a wide range of innovative features.


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Convenience Paired With Peak Performance

Perth residents looking for top-notch pool care can’t go wrong with the Ei Xpert Mid. When you let 1 Pool Care install this for you, your Ei Xpert will combine ease of use and high performance to help you better maintain your pool. Its impressive specs, capabilities, and durability make this Australian-made chlorinator a force to admire.


The Ei Xpert Mid's design allows for an effortless setup process. All its features remain easy to use and operate throughout its lifespan, and every service works towards a single purpose: to give pool owners peace of mind.
Maintaining your Zodiac Ei Xpert Mid chlorinator is straightforward. The machine will alert you to any issues with its screen so you can't miss them. Its durable material and applications mean your chlorinator will continue to operate for years.
This chlorinator's reverse polarity cells mean your device makes maintaining your pool a breeze, and that the chlorinator is self-cleaning. Besides cutting down on time, these cells extend the longevity of crucial parts, meaning you won't need to worry about spare parts or costly repairs or replacements. You can expect delivery of a clean pool maintained by an excellent chlorinator.
With both summer and winter modes, the Ei Xpert is ready to keep your pool clean no matter the climate. Your chlorinator will enter either of these modes automatically, but pool owners can override these modes for the ultimate customized delivery.
Your Ei Xpert includes three main power settings: LOW, HIGH & BOOST. With these three settings, you can adjust your chlorinator to function according to the situation or your needs.
A "check salt" warning sign will flash on your LED display screen if your pool drops below a prescribed salt threshold. The device also includes a transparent cover to monitor if the chlorinator needs deeper cleaning.
Other features include a powerful Electrolytic TRi Cell, A Smart power pack control box, a technology controller & a battery backup timer.
Power pack dimensions of 285mm x 405mm x 115mm Able to maintain maximum pool sizes of 70,000 litres (depending upon weather and climate) A plumbing capacity of 40mm or 50mm Cell dimensions of 320mm x 405mm x 110mm Minimum and maximum salt levels of 4,000ppm and 10,000ppm

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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