Zodiac specifically designed its Zodiac Titan ZT500 21″ Fibreglass Sand Filter to handle harsh Australian conditions. This highly efficient filter pairs well with small and large residential pools as well as commercial.

User-friendly and allowing for easy operation, the Zodiac Titan 21″ Glass ZT500 provides Perth residents with crystal clear water. Low maintenance is key when choosing a Titan series fibreglass sand pool filter and its other components.



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The Many Features Our Zodiac Titan ZT500 21" Offers

  • A durable inner tank made from food-grade polyethylene
  • A powerful external tank woven with fibreglass that extends its filter’s longevity
  • A large sight-indicator glass that allows for clear backwash inspection
  • An ergonomic palm-shape handle
  • 40-mm ports
  • A clamp-lock-design head complete with a 360° rotation
  • A drain plug that makes maintenance painless
  • A 10-year warranty on the Zodiac Titan 21″ Glass ZT500 series fibreglass sand pool tank and a one-year warranty on other components


These fibreglass sand pool filters also come with an oil-filled pressure gauge, allowing users to easily track the Titan series fibreglass sand filter's operating pressure.
Every Titan series fibreglass sand filter comes specifically designed and tested to endure the rugged Australian conditions. Part of our commitment to having the best fibreglass sand pool filters in store is having each sand filter factory pressure-tested at 400 kpa with a maximum working pressure of 250 kpa.
Every quality-inspected Zodiac Titan ZT500 21 minimizes maintenance needs and extends overall life performance. Each unit consists of an inner and outer tank, with the inner tank made from a food-grade polyethylene. In contrast, the outer tank is woven from durable fibreglass. The filters also come with a powerful base, adding an extra layer of stability.
All the quality-inspected spa supplies in our store offer user-friendly attributes, and our series fibreglass sand pool Zodiac Titan ZT500 is no exception. Features like its indicator glass, oil-filled pressure gauge, and clamp-lock head allow for easy inspection, use, and maintenance. Additionally, we rigorously test and inspect every unit to ensure that they properly function for all your Perth pool needs. So whether you have a small residential or a big commercial pool, you will benefit from using our product. Lastly, every tank comes with a ground pool's limited warranty, giving you peace of mind that your ECA unit will spend its long life suitable for your pool.

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Buy an Efficient Zodiac Titan 21″ ZT500 Series Fibreglass Sand Pool Filter Today – Our Zodiac Titan 21 Glass ZT500 offers easy operation, high performance, and easy inspection and maintenance. Learn more about this series by calling us at 1 Pool Care in Perth today on 0456 75 75 75.


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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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