Zodiac ZCF100

Zodiac ZCF100

As a pool owner, keeping your pool water clean and safe is crucial. If you’re searching for new filtration setups, the Zodiac ZCF100 cartridge filter deserves consideration for medium-sized residential pools due to its superior filtration, top-quality materials, and small footprint. The Zodiac Titan Series is ideal for those installing filtration set-ups in a confined space.


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The Perfect Filter System for Medium-Sized Residential Pools

Compared to a standard sand filter, cartridge pool filters provide superior filtration for most applications. With an element cartridge pool filter, you can remove more dirt particles from your pool, ensuring a long life for all of your pool supplies. Additionally, these systems are extremely water-efficient, reducing your pool’s maintenance costs and environmental impact.

The ZCF cartridge pool filter is excellent for its ability to fit in confined spaces while remaining an extremely water-efficient and effective element cartridge pool filter. Among cartridge pool filter systems, the Zodiac Titan is a balanced option offering solid performance with an impressively small footprint. It offers a 100 sq ft cartridge filter while taking up little space.

Additionally, these cartridge pool filter systems use Remay materials throughout their constructions, providing excellent durability and ensuring a long life for the unit. Cleaning is also easy as you can simply hose off the elements when they get dirty. We have the Zodiac Titan series available in-store at 1 Pool Care, so call us when you’re ready to buy a new ZCF100 cartridge filter.

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Whether you choose a cartridge filter or sand filter for your residential pool, finding an experienced installation company is crucial. Installing the ZCF Cartridge Pool Filters can be challenging, especially when working in confined spaces, so leaving the job to professionals is safest. Fortunately, the experts at 1 Pool Care are here to help Perth residents find pool filter systems suitable for their homes.

At 1 Pool Care, we can install a range of pool filter systems suitable for various types of pools, including cartridge pool filters and confined filtration setups. While you can simply hose down ZCF cartridge filters to clean them, we can also provide helpful repair and maintenance services for your cartridge filter or other types of filtration system. We have multiple excellent options available in store, so call 1 Pool Care today at 0456 75 75 75 to discuss your interest in the ZCF cartridge pool filters and schedule a time for installation. 

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If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.

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