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When the pool looks like a green algae swamp the question we are asked the most is, ‘how did this happen’?

The simple answer is and most don’t like the answer is; because you let it!

Now, before my email address is bombarded by countless pool owners telling me this is not the case. We are here to give you the information to get you back on track in a splash and not debate the responsibilities of each green pool.

There is never one solution or treatment that fits all, so before we start a green pool service we need to assess the pool as a whole. That requires time spent on assessing the pool equipment condition, pool floor, water supply, chemical treatment that have been used are all crucial questions when creating a plan to fix a green pool.

1 Pool Care has been providing a green pool service for many a year and has the experience, equipment, products and knowledge to put it right and get to the bottom of the pool, of the problem.

So don’t be embarrassed by your green pool as we have seen most situations and have all the products to get you swimming again. You just have to make the call today!

How to fix a green pool

To fix my green pool I just need to add chlorine, yes?

The answer surprisingly is no, well not always.

A combination of metals in the pool water like copper and iron can cause the pool to tint or shade to look a green colour, so adding chlorine is going to oxidise and make the situation worse and possibly stain the pool surface. This is why an assessment of the water and pool equipment is needed to ascertain the root cause of the problem.

Algae growth is the most common and frequently seen in a green pool service. If one of the required elements has not been maintained or serviced to keep your water safe to swim in then algae will form, usually in the shallow water or around the steps to start and then throughout the pool within a short time. If the pools pump, filter, sanitisation or water chemistry has fallen away and not been maintained as it should and inline with recommended settings, then it will very quickly, during the heat of summer, turn from blue to slime green.

So before you get out the test strips out and throw in a heap of chlorine just remember that 1 Pool Care are the experts to keep your pool looking great and safe to swim in all year. Our technicians have all you need in our mobile store to keep your chlorine and stress levels in check and where they should be.

Our Pool Services Includes

Initial Surface Skim

Vacuum the pool, empty
baskets & pool sweep bag

Brush down the pool surface

Empty pump basket

Backwash filter (scheduled)

General equipment checks
for optimal operation

Check for leaks

General clean of
equipment area

Complete water testing

Check chemical balance

Final pool check over &
surface skim

Testing Your pool water

How often should I test my water, well as often as you can?

I explain to my customers that if you imagine the pool water needs to follow a straight line, which wants to drift one side or the other of that line as environment, use, chemicals and equipment all adjust the water balance and have a huge effect on the quality of the water.

So although you may not have the knowledge or test kit to adjust the water to the code of practice it needs to be an essential part of your pool maintenance. If you are only controlling the pH and Chlorine as a basic test, then this is better than no testing at all. The use of an experienced technician is recommended to adjust and maintain your water quality and keep the swimming pool safe to swim in at least monthly.

The pH level, Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Isocyanuric Acid (if used), Alkalinity, TDS, Calcium Hardness, Phosphates and Metals should all form part of this water analysis. Combined with a saturation index report to ascertain whether the water is balanced. If the water is out of balance then the pools water will at first turn cloudy and then algae will form, with staining and calcium causing issues to the pool surface and equipment.

We only use the latest photometers and our technicians have the experience and qualification to fully assess and adjust the water chemistry to keep the bacteria at bay and the green monster away.

How do I get rid of pool algae?

As we have mentioned previously there is a process before we start a green algae service. Analysis and equipment tests should be part of the overall inspection to rid the pool of algae and bacteria for good.

The type of algae can determine the treatment and dosage required. Green, black spot or mustard algae have different types of treatment and also the pool size and surface.

If you have mustard algae then this can be extremely difficult to remove as it is resilient to chlorine oxidization. It can look like a grey brownish sand at the bottom of the pool and my advice would be to seek expert advice as the chemical bill can go through the roof and you still have the problem.

Get Rid of your Green Pool With 1 Pool Care

Don’t know your pH level from your pools filtration system then maybe it’s time for some expert advice. Before you take on a project that can leave you in deep water and the possibility of getting seriously injured. 1 Pool Care will call around to your place and turn your pool green into pool clean with our friendly expert technicians only happy to help.

Brushing and Filtration

Certainly when treating a green pool there are different attacks that you might consider.

If you can see the bottom of the bottom of the pool and there is only early stages of algae growth, then this could be easily treated by firstly vacuuming the pool and removing as much debris from the pool floor. Backwash the sand filter or clean through the cartridge filter to increase circulation.

Raising your chlorine and lowering the pH balance will increase the effectiveness of the chlorine and help remove the algae. Brushing the pool walls and floor after adding the treatment will get it all moving and into suspension. Extend the pool pump run times and this will filter out any dead algae. Backwash or clean the cartridge filter once the pool clears up.

This is a simplistic approach that sometimes can be overlooked without the need to add additional chemicals, simply let all your equipment do the work especially the pool filter. The essential part is to balance the water after completion to ensure the water is safe to swim in..

Shocking the pool

A green pool will require ‘shocking’ a term most pool owners have heard of. Shock chlorine is raising the chlorine level up and over 4 to 5 times the normal operational levels to remove any bacteria or fix a green pool.

If you do shock your pool, just remember that the chlorine levels should not be this high consistently for a long period and the pool water needs to be balanced again and lowered to acceptable levels for swimming.

Green Pool Clean Up Service

We have different green pool solutions and services to suit your pool as not one service fits all. If you don’t know where to start and it all looks to much then give 1 Pool Care a call as we have seen it all before.

Cleaning products and pool chemicals

Our mobile store has all the, products and pool chemicals on board to get you back on track. We only use high quality products and brands so we don’t have to overdose the pool. Not all brands of algaecide and shock treatment are not the same quality, you know.

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