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Every pool owner knows how it feels to go outside, pull back the pool cover, and see that the water has turned from a crystal blue into a swamp green. The simple truth is that no one wants to go for a swim in a dirty pool. As Green Pool Cleaning Perth experts, No one understands this better than 1 Pool Care, WA’s top green-to-clean pool service.

With years of experience under our belts, we’ve provided pool treatments to customers all over Perth Western Australia, leaving their pools sparkling and clear. We have the equipment, knowledge, and skills to solve a variety of problems quickly and safely.

What Is a Green Pool?

The term “green pool” refers to pools with water that are affected by algae. Pool water experiencing an algae bloom becomes increasingly cloudy over time. With enough algae present, the pool takes on a greenish tint, hence the name.

Not only is it visually unappealing, but an unclean pool can:

  • Stain the surfaces of your swimming pool
  • Attract unwanted wildlife and insects
  • Break down pool filters and pumps
  • Cause health issues, including illness and infection due to viruses and bacteria

Algae growth occurs in chemically imbalanced water. Commonly, the imbalance is due to one or more factors, including

  • Lack of chlorine
  • Rain
  • Exposure to airborne microorganisms
  • Use of oils or lotions on the body before swimming

Algae grow either (1) suspended in the water, or (2) along the walls and floor of the pool—and in some cases, both. Regardless of where and how quickly it grows, the only way to stop algae effectively is by having your pool properly cleaned.

How to Clean a Green Pool

Green pools can be a real problem. Once a pool has begun to turn green, it’s common for owners to spend heaps on expensive chemicals, blindly throw them in the water, and hope for the best. Although we can’t prevent folks from doing it, we highly discourage this method for one simple reason: It doesn’t work!

Pools and their PH levels (chemical balance) are finicky. The range of different causes for algae growth, along with the different kinds of algae involved, means that most green pools require specialized treatments. Simply tossing chlorine at the issue only makes your pool more difficult to enjoy.

Instead, consider the services of Perth’s 1 Pool Care. Our pool maintenance and treatment services are suited to your needs and can include the following:

Green Pool Diagnostics and Testing

Completing tests on the water will help us figure out why the pool went green in the first place and ensure that we provide the right treatment.

Green Pool Algae Removal

We clear your pool of all algae growth by skimming the water’s surface, vacuuming and sweeping the pool floor, emptying all baskets, flushing all plumbing and filtration systems, and chemically treating the pool water

Surface Brushing

We address any scaling or build-up by thoroughly brushing and sanitizing all surface area along the pools walls and floor

Leak and Equipment Check

To ensure that you won’t need us again anytime soon, our technicians check for issues with filtration equipment and look for signs of leakage

Final Check, Diagnostics, & Surface Skim

Once we have restored the pool, we make final chemical tests, reset filters and timers, and perform a surface skim to remove any remaining debris.

1 Pool Care is Perth’s Number 1 Green-to-Clean Pool Service

Are you ready for your green pool to be crystal clear again? Has your pool turned green? Trust the pool experts at 1 Pool Care in Perth to help. We’ll keep your pool clean and healthy all year round

Call us on 0456 75 75 75today to get started.

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