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Green Pool Cleaning Perth

Get rid of algae and enjoy a crystal-clear pool with 1 Pool Care. As a leading name in green pool cleaning services, we provide quick, effective, and budget-friendly solutions to restore your pool’s natural beauty.

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    Green Pool Cleaning Perth

    Our team of certified technicians will evaluate your pool’s condition and create a tailored treatment plan to eliminate algae and bring your pool back to its pristine state. We use top-of-the-line products and equipment, standing behind our work with a quality guarantee.

    Beyond algae removal, we also offer:

    • Balance your pool’s water chemistry

    • Thoroughly clean your pool surfaces

    • Repair any existing damage to your pool

    • Offer expert advice for ongoing pool maintenance

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    Why Does a Pool Turn Green?

    A “green pool” describes a swimming pool or spa in which the water has taken on a greenish hue, typically due to the accumulation of algae or other impurities.

    Various factors can contribute to a pool turning green, including:

    • Algae Growth: The most common reason for a green pool is the growth of algae in the water, often due to insufficient chlorine levels. Algae can multiply rapidly, especially in warm, sunny conditions.
    • Imbalanced Water Chemistry: Incorrect levels of pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness can create an environment where algae and bacteria can thrive.
    • Poor Circulation: Inadequate water circulation can lead to stagnant areas where algae can grow more easily.
    • Inadequate Filtration: A dirty or inefficient filter can’t remove contaminants effectively, leading to discoloured water.
    • High Phosphate Levels: Phosphates are nutrients for algae. High levels in the pool water can contribute to faster algae growth.
    • Lack of Regular Maintenance: Skipping regular cleaning and chemical balancing can quickly lead to problems, including green water.
    • Environmental Factors: Leaves, grass, and other organic matter can introduce algae spores and phosphates into the pool, contributing to the green colour.

    For exact identification and solutions to bring your pool back to its pristine condition, turn to the professionals at 1 Pool Care, your reliable pool service partner. Our skilled technicians will evaluate the unique circumstances leading to your pool’s green condition and offer customised solutions to address the issue.

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    Our Green Pool Recovery Process

    A three-step approach to transform your green pool back to its sparkling best.

    Step 1 – Assessment

    Our journey to a cleaner pool begins with a thorough initial consultation where we understand your specific needs and assess the current condition of your pool.

    Step 2 – Treatment Plan

    Based on our initial assessment, we develop a tailored treatment plan that includes the right balance of chemicals and cleaning methods to effectively combat algae and other contaminants.

    Step 3 – Expert Implementation

    Our certified technicians then execute the treatment plan using high-quality products and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring your pool is restored to its original, crystal-clear state.

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    Green Pool Frequently Asked Questions

    Our skilled technicians can swiftly restore your green pool to its original clarity. The key is using the right mix of chemicals, which starts with a precise water test to identify what’s needed. We can perform a 60-second water test to pinpoint the issue. Contact 1 Pool Care for a fast solution to your green pool problem.

    Swimming in a green pool is not safe. We strongly advise against swimming in a green pool, as it may contain harmful bacteria and other contaminants. For a safe swimming environment, consult our experts at 1 Pool Care. We’ll test your water and create a customised treatment plan to make your pool safe and clean. Don’t compromise on health; trust 1 Pool Care to restore your pool to optimal conditions.

    The time required to clear a green pool varies based on factors like pool size, how long it’s been since the last service, and the extent of algae present. Our technicians will use the precise amount of chemicals needed to expedite the cleaning process for your specific situation.

    Cleaning your pool effectively requires a blend of chemicals, such as chlorine for sanitisation, pH adjusters, algaecides, clarifiers, shock treatments, and stabilisers. Visit our shop for a range of chemical options and consult the team at 1 Pool Care for expert advice on treating your green pool.

    Yes, over-shocking your pool can lead to problems like excessively high chlorine levels, which can irritate skin and eyes, damage pool surfaces, or bleach pool liners. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended dosage for shock treatments or consult with 1 Pool Care’s professional services for safe and effective green pool treatment.

    Yes, chlorine is an effective way to kill off algae blooms in a pool. Chlorine is a powerful sanitizer that works by breaking down the cell walls of algae and other microorganisms in the water, which can then be filtered out of the pool.

    To use liquid chlorine to kill algae in a pool, you can add a shock treatment product containing a high concentration of chlorine to the water. This will help to quickly eliminate all the algae and other contaminants in the pool.

    It’s important to note that while chlorine can be effective against algae, it’s not a cure-all solution. Proper pool maintenance, including regular testing and balancing of the chemical levels, the pool daily brushing the pool walls and floor, and running the filtration system, is essential for preventing algae growth and keeping the pool water clear and healthy.

    1 Pool Care is Perth’s Number 1 Green-to-Clean Pool Service

    Are you ready for your green pool to be crystal clear again? Has your pool turned a dark green again after heavy rain? Trust the pool experts at 1 Pool Care in Perth to help. We’ll keep your pool clean and healthy all year round.

    Call us on 0456 75 75 75 today to get started.

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