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Pool Cleaning Service

Pool cleaning is essential to the health of your pool and your water. To get the most out of your pool and enjoy years of poolside fun, call the Pool Cleaning Perth professionals at 1 PoolCare. Our professional team will inspect your swimming pool and keep it sparkling clean and in good working order all year round.

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how often should a public pool be cleaned

Mobile Pool Cleaning in Perth

The ecosystem of your pool is complex, with a lot of moving parts that can wear down or fail. When you call our mobile pool cleaners, we arrive to ensure that all the equipment is functioning as it should. During your appointment, our pool cleaning experts inspect your:

Pool Filters

Is your filter clogging regularly? Is your water looking murky? We can replace your swimming pool filter.

Skimmer basket

Is your skimmer failing to collect all of the leaves and bugs floating in your water? Is the water filtering through the skimmer basket too slowly? Your skimmer may be old or clogged, we will sort this out during your pool servicing appointment.

Pool Pumps

Is your pool pump operating more slowly than usual? You may need to clean your pool pump or possibly replace the whole system, depending on its age.


Are you noticing a smell coming from your swimming pool? Is your water over chlorinated? You may need to adjust the chlorine output in your pool.

1 PoolCare offers full-service swimming pool care that tests each of these pieces when we complete pool maintenance so that you aren’t caught off-guard by pool equipment failing suddenly in the middle of the summer.

pool cleaning
how often should a public pool be cleaned

What Does Our Pool Cleaning Service Include?

When your 1 PoolCare technician arrives for your pool servicing and cleaning appointment, we will

  •       Skim the pool surface to remove leaves and debris
  •       Vacuum the pool floor
  •       Brush the pool surface
  •       Empty the pump basket
  •       Perform general equipment checks
  •       Check for leaks
  •       Clean all equipment and backwash filters
  •       Replace any broken or worn parts
  •       Perform water and chemical balance testing

Regular Water Care

Pools include carefully balanced chemicals that must be monitored closely. The best method of tracking your water’s health is to schedule regular water care appointments for professional water analysis.

A pool care expert will compare each water analysis test with the previous one to track the health of your water. The professional may also adjust your water’s chemical levels if they notice significant changes from one test to the next.

Pool cleaning Perth Experts: 1 PoolCare

At 1 PoolCare, we offer licensed, certified services that our customers in the Perth, WA area trust. Our pool cleaning vehicles are essentially a mobile pool shop, these are fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment, the latest products and parts to perform most replacements on-site without waiting for parts to ship. We offer up-front quotes and never surprise you with hidden costs.
Let our team of professional pool technicians inspect your pool and see why we’re the #1 pool cleaning company in Perth. Call 1 PoolCare to schedule water analysis and express pool cleaning in Perth, WA today on 0456 75 75 75

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