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Burns Beach is an amazing suburb in Perth

Burns Beach has grown exponentially over the last 15 years, as have most of the Perth northern suburbs. Burns Beach was named after a farmer that ran sheep in the area and was once only accessible by track or boat, before the recent development of Joondalup and the surrounding suburbs. The suburb is a premium location and access to the beach is only a short walk away, with beautiful coastal walks that can take you as far as Fremantle if you dare take the challenge.

With a premium suburb, the expectation is that you have a swimming pool and of course these need to be maintained to an exceptional standard. 1 Pool Care are the local pool company to exceed your expectations and provide a quality pool maintenance service.

We primarily specialise in mobile pool maintenance and service but we also have the latest products on offer online. View our extensive range of pool supplies today.

Save time & call us! Our fully equipped pool technicians will take care of your regular pool maintenance needs so you can get you back to swimming and enjoying your pool.

Pool Maintenance Burns Beach

Swimming pools in Burns Beach will need to be maintained and serviced regularly. When you’re close to the coast the water balance can be affected by high winds and debris blown into the pool. Damaging pool pumps, blocking filters and stopping auto cleaners in their tracks.

Pool services require the pool’s equipment to be checked and protected from damage because of environmental factors, as well as persons using the pool. If you’re not sure where to start then 1 Pool Care can give you some direction on the correct approach needed for your swimming pools. Keep your pool maintained and your equipment in tune.

Chemical levels
Pool Cleaning Perth

Pool Cleaning in Burns Beach

Swimming pools require a service and that includes vacuuming, brushing, scooping, water testing and cleaning the pool equipment and filters. If you don’t have time for that, then your neglect on the pools surface and equipment will soon start to show and also in the pool water quality.

A quality service takes time to complete and fully maintain all the associated components and that is where we have the solution you need. To take away the stress and give you more time on the weekend to enjoy with your friends and family.

All swimming pools need servicing due to the fact that pool water and pool equipment requires constant adjustment because of use and environmental factors, like the change of seasons.

This also includes salt water pools, as the myth is that they require no adjustment or servicing and we often receive feedback from our regular customers on how much better the quality of the water is once regular servicing is chosen.

Pool Pump Repairs Burns Beach

When the pool pump needs a repair here in Burns Beach, the options can be limited as most pool supplies want to sell you the latest and usually most expensive option. Well if that is what you would like before you head off 1 Pool Care can talk through your options to repair or replace and the most cost-effective option. There is no doubt that a 10-year-old pool pump is going to be using plenty of electricity, an upgrade may certainly improve your power bill and the overall pool water quality.

A capacitor, mechanical seal, pump O’ rings or baskets are not going to break the bank so sometimes a quick fix can get the maximum use out of your pool equipment at a reasonable price.

We can maintain the pool pump during a regular pool service and advise you if it’s getting close to the time whether we need to maintain or replace your pool pump.

Spa Repairs Perth

Spa Service in Burns Beach

With the recent changes in spa sanitisers, the need to maintain a spa water balance is more essential than ever. You could be bathing in all sorts of nasty bacteria and chemicals as you melt away the daily worries.

Because of this, spa servicing is more than a fast scoop of the water surface and the importance to drain the spa water periodically is a must, as the TDS (total dissolved solids) rises then so will your chemical demand.

1 Pool Care also specialise in spas and spa repairs. If you find that the spa is cooler than it was and no longer giving you that relaxing experience, then give us a call and we can book you a service call.

We can offer spares on most brands available in Australia.

Reach out to us about your
Burns Beach pool care needs

1 Pool Care are the local family operated pool company here in Perth and Burns Beach, which requires a pool business to match this premium suburb. We have services suited to your pool and budget and would be happy to discuss this with you. Either call today or send us an enquiry through our website when it’s out of hours and we will get back to you the next day.