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Iluka is a beautiful suburb in Perth

Iluka WA is a short 30-minute drive from the Perth CBD and is a First Nation word meaning ‘by the sea’. This beautifully designed and well-maintained suburb is a premium place to live and there is an abundance of swimming pools, even though you are a short walk to the beach. It’s a must for those hot summer days when you want to relax without having to leave your home.

1 Pool Care are the pool maintenance team that can provide a quality service. We are a family-owned and operated local business that can give you advice on the best options for your budget, pool or spa here in Iluka

We primarily specialise in mobile pool maintenance and service but we also have the latest products on offer online. View our extensive range of pool supplies today.

Save time & call us! Our fully equipped pool technicians will take care of your regular pool maintenance needs so you can get you back to swimming and enjoying your pool.

Pool Maintenance Iluka

Pool maintenance Iluka is needed for those days when your pool equipment has had the bomb or is no longer doing the job it used to. When the pool just seems to be hard work and you no longer have the experience or time to continue maintaining the pool yourself.

Pool maintenance can be a simple repair to your robot or pool cleaner. Maybe a complete pool system upgrade is needed, rest assured that 1 Pool Care have the knowledge, qualifications and experience to offer a professional service to get you up and running again. We are not about offering you the latest technology (unless you want it) and confusing you with tech speak but making sure that you have a full understanding and offering the best service for you and your pools.

broken pool wire

Pool Cleaning in Iluka

Iluka pool cleaning is needed when the Fremantle Doctor blows and the debris with it, to block skimmer baskets and stop equipment from operating correctly or efficiently.

Pool servicing requires consistent time and effort and this is more than a vacuum of the pool floor. Water balance is key not only to maintain the pool equipment but ensuring the pool is healthy to swim in. To help stop those red eyes and your hair turning green. Yes, this can happen if the pool is overdosed with chemicals.

Pool servicing will need to be carried out, so if you’re not doing it then you maybe slowly destroying your investment and that can end up being an expensive mistake.

1 Pool Care are the Iluka pool cleaning professionals, so if you need a chemical top up or advice on a new pool filter, then give the team a call to see if we can help.

Spa Service in Iluka

We are not just about pools, we cater for spas as well.

Spas are as important to maintain a safe environment and healthy water to relax in. Due to the smaller volume of water and higher bather load, the spa water can be a bacterial hotspot. A spa can also have specialised equipment that requires spa maintenance and service to keep you safe. We have the latest spa equipment to test your water and protect you from chemical rashes and infections.

Pool Supplies

Not all brands and manufactures are equal and you will find this out when something goes wrong.

A tempting price point is often a draw but if that is your only consideration, then you may set yourself up for more costs if the pool equipment fails. Not all manufactures will come to you if you believe that you have a warranty claim and that can require you sending the faulty equipment back to the place of purchase. Then waiting a few weeks before it’s returned and sometimes told that it is not a warranty issue after all, can be extremely frustrating. As long as this is explained at the time of purchase then you are well prepared for the fight if something goes wrong.

We offer all the best brands in the pool industry, with the best warranty to match. If you purchase equipment from us and something goes wrong during the warranty period, we are more than happy to lodge a call on your behalf, so you are not left navigating the process yourself.

Not sure what you need, then make a call and we are happy to offer some free advice before you make a costly mistake and the wrong choice.

Reach out to us about your
Iluka pool care needs

1 Pool Care offer pool servicing and pool maintenance for Iluka. We are sure our services are up there with the best and are confident that you will have a positive experience, as our customers are our priority. Just what the residents of Iluka deserve.

Give our team a call today, we are sure your pool will love you for it.